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  1. se05239

    Trouble Picking/Creating a fursona.

    You could always choose to not have one. I know I don't. I cannot relate to any of my characters on a level where I feel like they represent me online.
  2. se05239

    What Programs do you all use?

    I use PaintToolSai, sometimes some Photoshop to add blur.
  3. se05239

    How does anyone get exposure on FA?

    Couldn't tell you. Still a nobody.
  4. se05239

    General Tagging Suggestions

    In terms of general search and tagging, FA ain't up there in quality. A lot of art gets lost to the void because the artist don't bother tagging their art pieces and having minimal to none descriptions.. so I just wanted to suggest a pair of things. Tag Suggestion Let users with accounts...
  5. se05239

    Main Site Improving Search Function

    Hello. Been a member of FA for like.. 11 years now (wow) and the search function is still as awful as it was when I joined. My main gripe with it is the limited amount of search results you can find before the search crashes. I think its like 3200 results in total. This causes problem because...
  6. se05239

    Tell me about yourself

    German word. Joy at other's misfortune.
  7. se05239

    What kind of person are you socially?

    Introverted. Prone to random short laughter "heheh" at the end of sentences due to feeling nervous and being socially awkward. Confirmed to have social phobia, so walking outside the door is a challenge but I still travel with bus to work everyday. I view most people as objects, avoid eye...
  8. se05239

    Tell me about yourself

    I am a devout follower of Schadenfreude.
  9. se05239

    "Hello!", I guess.

    Just search for se05239 and you'll find it. Ironically my older shit appears first.
  10. se05239

    "Hello!", I guess.

    I am an anthro artist currently strapped on the worst emotional roller coaster ever invented. I've never been able to amass many watchers of my art, probably due to not actually drawing much fanart or more questionable material. Lack of proper feedback, apart from stray favs and "nice" comments...
  11. se05239

    Question regarding the search function..

    Hm, then it should be easy to just change up some numbers in the code. I'd approve of it. Makes no sense that you cannot look at search results from start to finish.
  12. se05239

    Being comfortable with being a Furry....

    Calling yourself a "furry" in the modern world is kinda like invoking some horrible taboo. People hate it and will look down upon you. I've come to call myself an "anthro artist" when I try and describe what I draw. And I barely do that, since most just go "oh, furries?" due to its degenerate...
  13. se05239

    Do you feel related to your fursona? How? Why?

    I've never actually bothered to connect myself to a specific character. Never seen the point of having a fursona.
  14. se05239

    Question regarding the search function..

    How come you can only view about 3000 images before the site says "error"? If you do a random search for a word, you can only find the oldest/newest but never the things in the middle. Searching for popular/relevant doesn't really give satisfactory results as they suffer from the same issue of...
  15. se05239

    Who do we work as?

    "Technical Administrator" at a company trying to become the Nr 1 in the image department in all Microsoft office products.