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  1. possumroyalty

    (Commission) Selling: [OPEN] Queenie's Commissions {$25 - 100+}{Furry, Human, Fantasy}

    Hi there! The name's Queenie and I'm a disabled artist! I've been doing commissions for years now. My specialty has changed as time goes by and my art style is constantly shifting... but currently I do a combination of furry and human art. Every month (or two) I take on 1 - 3 commissions to...
  2. possumroyalty


    Hello there! Name's Queenie~. I've been a furry and a member of the art side of FA for years and years, tho I've changed accounts a few times. But... I tend to stick to myself, so I never ventured over to the forums. I'm an artist and I draw humans, humanoids, and furries! My current FA is...