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  1. Bidoyinn

    Show me your art!

    I drew this recently (today as of this post!) www.furaffinity.net: Surprise Bido by Bidoyinn
  2. Bidoyinn

    Halloween Costumes/Plans?

    I live in a small apartment that shares a few blocks with other small apartments so I won't be going trick-or-treating. Instead I'll draw Halloween-themed art and buy that sweet, delicious discounted candy the day after Halloween.
  3. Bidoyinn

    The Goals Thread

    Furry related: 1. Get better at my art. The real goal is a little bit less general than that but typing up everything I want to do in a forum post may be obnoxious (the list is huge). 2. Post more/ communicate more. The fandom is nice. I want to contribute. Non-furry related: 1. Read more...
  4. Bidoyinn

    Show me your art!

    I posted this recently and I'll be posting more paintings soon!
  5. Bidoyinn

    should I stream?

    A lot of artists stream with Picarto! I'm not sure about the popularity of YT or Twitch though. In-stream commissions are very popular if that's a thing you'd be interested in. It may take a while to gain a following if you've never done it before but streaming is a good way to gain a following...
  6. Bidoyinn

    If you were getting no likes/faves on your art, would you still draw?

    Yes, absolutely! I started drawing because I wanted to, and I'll still want to even if people aren't looking my way when I post a piece. Likes and faves aren't the end of the world, and if you keep posting and improving, you'll rack up those points anyway. Though it's helpful to know what kind...
  7. Bidoyinn

    Just launched my Patreon Page - how to be successful?

    In my opinion, Patreon isn't really for gaining followers, it's asking people that already support you to help you out in a different way. The most successful people I've watched already had the following before they decided to use the platform to help themselves. Posting your Patreon link (like...
  8. Bidoyinn

    Foods you hate.

    I hate peppers. Crushed pepper that you can sprinkle on your foods? That's fine. But whole or sliced peppers....it doesn't matter what kind it is, if I can take a bite and feel the crunch then I can't eat it. Black licorice is also very high on my 'I'd rather die than eat this' list. Celery...
  9. Bidoyinn

    Is depression real?

  10. Bidoyinn

    Make your favorite game sound as shit as possible

    kid gets to travel the sea alone (sort of) on a boat trying to save the world and no one can stop him because he has a fantastic track record and a sword. makes faeries cry.
  11. Bidoyinn

    Would you consider the forums dead?

    I'm not a person that regularly uses forums, so being able to easily keep up with what happens in threads is really nice for me. It doesn't move terribly fast, but I wouldn't say the forums are super slow either. It's not dead yet.
  12. Bidoyinn

    Looking for more people to watch

    I don't know if you'd want to watch me (my FA link is in my sig) but your style is nice so you've got a watch from me \o/
  13. Bidoyinn

    Free Sketches

    Hey sorry to anyone that is still looking at this thread. Requests are closed, haha.
  14. Bidoyinn

    Would you consider being a Furry as a fetish?

    Furry stuff can turn into a fetish, but if you mean furry in general, no. It's a fandom and if you create in it, a hobby (or more if it's your job).
  15. Bidoyinn

    Free Sketches

    Sorry for the delay! @Hammy6917 sta.sh: Hammy @Ashwolves5 sta.sh: Ash @Shadow-Wing456 sta.sh: Shadow @KeitoTheMidnightFox sta.sh: Keito @khoufu sta.sh: Khoufu
  16. Bidoyinn

    Art programs! What do you use?

    I use SAI for everything but I've been eyeing CSP for over a year now...one day, haha
  17. Bidoyinn

    Strange things you've done in your sleep

    When I was younger I used to run straight out of my room and the only thing that stopped me from falling down the stairs was someone always being there to catch me. I pull off and put socks back on sometimes, and one time I changed into another set of sleepwear. I scratch at my legs a lot, and...
  18. Bidoyinn

    Free Sketches

    @Hammy6917 @Ashwolves5 @Shadow-Wing456 @KeitoTheMidnightFox @khoufu I'll take these haha @BartBojarski @choco-kissu my slots filled up, sorry!
  19. Bidoyinn

    Free Sketches

    Hey guys! I've been here for a little while and I wanted to try my hand at practicing things that aren't my own characters. So! I'll be offering free sketches. I will try to do fullbodies, but no promises. The least you'll get from me is a headshot, so no worries. My FA is here: Userpage of...