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  1. Fishy Frog

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Large scale transformation-themed YCH

    ⚝ Transformation-themed YCH ⚝ - adjustable to fit any personality/aesthetics - - highly detailed final render - - any gender, species, body type - - fixed price: $250 - - payment via Boosty - (accepts Paypal) I was experimenting with different kinds of compositions recently and decided to...
  2. Fishy Frog

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) Character Portraits | painterly style • realistic shading • focus on details and personality | ($15+) Sketches, transformations

    Fishy Frog's ⚝ Character Portraits ⚝ Fur Affinity • Twitter • Tumblr Hello! Call me Froggo :] I am a digital artist and my main specialty is character portraits. I worked a lot with humanoid (often orc-like) characters in the past and now I am gaining experience with furry, anthro, and others...