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    what makes sai better than photoshop?

    I just like that it's simple and pretty straight to the point. It loads very quickly too.
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    Straight Male Fursuiters- Non existant?!

    I have to agree with OP and worse is that I'm a total ricequeen too X_X The pickings are ultra slim. Even worse still is that I have a strong preference for reptiles and cervidae. OP, I have faith that you can find Straight Male Fursuitors enough to have to count with your toes. You might...
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    How did you come up with your furry name?

    My username for my furry art on DA had 'candid' in it so I just went with the closest thing to that..Candice lol. Before that it was Marisma which was the name of a nonfurry FC of mine who turned into a tiger so when I made a tiger sona..seemed fine enough to use the name for her. Due to the...
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    Any Other Furries Suffer from Social Anxiety?

    I haven't been diagnosed so I don't know if I truly have a say but, being around new people makes me very uneasy. My dyslexia kicks in hardcore and I stutter like crazy. Job interviews and testing is a nightmare for me. I can't sleep the night before if I have one the next day. I took my...
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    Anthro X Human

    If it's human female with a male anthro, yes. Especially if the anthro is reptilian or cervidae.
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    Looking for some short fur. Opinions?

    I learned the hard way to start long and shave it short. I actually got a swatch for no more than a dollar (if not free) so def do that whenever possible. Very glad I did or else I would have ended up with way too much of the wrong fabric.
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    Would you want to live in a furry run house/apartment complex/city/town/state/etc

    Depends..I know the fur community has a bad wrap and I can see why but I think it'd be pretty fun to be surrounded by so many people with a similar interest that expands into a lifestyle sometimes.
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    Image/Thumbnail Problems: Can't Change my Avi here or upload photos :(

    When I try to upload photos into my album I'm told that the file is invalid. I'm not sure why. The images are jpg and to this day I don't know a site that doesn't allow jpg images and it seems jpg is always the default permitted file type in fact. NVM my avatar loaded but the images still are...
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    Darting fur and the resulting 'bald' look

    It just looks really really thin. Probably is just the quality of the fur. I didn't dart my first one so I didn't have that problem so I used the same fabric for the second as I did the first.
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    Is there a term for this?

    I just really like images where the focus is a males genitalia being pushed back between his thighs. Is there a term I could use to search to find more art like this? Or anything where the male genitalia are being emphasized (not in size per se) like the male is crouching and his parts are...
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    Darting fur and the resulting 'bald' look

    I started a head and was doing the muzzle. I darted the fur but that made it look really bald. The pile is pretty short. Is this just because of a short pile or an issue with fur in general? I guess with longer pile fur, you could come it over but when I look at heads, the muzzle fur is pretty...
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    How Should I put in the teeth and tongue?

    I'll give it a shot then
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    Having a hard time finding stuff to make eyes out of.

    I've considered that, but I wanna make sure I have plenty of peripheral. Since you can paint the buckram, you'll have vision through the pupil as well as the iris. As for the whites of the eyes, I'll just have to find a white container, use up it's contents and then utilize said container.
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    How Should I put in the teeth and tongue?

    I have my head finished for the most part. I just need the teeth, tongue and eyes. So yes, it's furred and I've also lined the inside of the mouth with black felt. So so I just like..hot-glue the jawset and tongue into it??
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    Question About Removing 'stolen character' Art

    Okay that make sense. I guess that's why me and a few others were able to successfully report a user here, on DA and a handful of other sites for repeatedly doing this to a small handful of artists. It didn't help her case that she was antagonizing them as she did so. That's another good point...
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    Question About Removing 'stolen character' Art

    Just wondering how sites remove art with 'stolen characters' if the character in question isn't filed in the Copyrights office as copyrighted. Even if it's not the character but it's the design sites, FA included, will remove an image if the person who came up with the design complains. But...
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    Bouncing breast avatars are ok now?

    If FA is anything like DA, the staff haven't/won't/don't network about things so one mod will say 'yay' and another will say 'nay'. But at least, if that mod really did talk to Dragoneer, the mod checked in with the person who has the final say. Or they're lying because they dgaf and want OP to...
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    Clearing Confusion About "Closed Species" And "I Copyright This Species/Character"

    Re: Clearing Confusion About "Closed Species" And "I Copyright This Species/Character How does DA and FA remove images if it's technically legal and okay to do? Sure it's not nice but DA and FA have no real grounds to remove images, right?
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    Is This Presentable?

    Yeah her empty eye sockets and teeth/tongueless mouth is a bit weird. ( I had to scribble in the missing pieces for my DA ID lol)Yeah, those are some pretty good points (Might wreck the foam at this point too)I Have a second foam base so I suppose I"ll just use what I learned on that one. Thanks...
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    Is This Presentable?

    This is my very first head and I'm worried I didn't do so well. Of course I'm trying to optimistic so when I looked at it I say "It's not that bad" But I want honest and legit opinions. (please no flaming or being obtuse for the purpose of 'the lulz' or 'being edgy') I haven't yet ordered her...