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  1. kukuruyo

    The Succubus is a shonen protagonist

    I finished the test run pages of "The Succubus is a shonen protagonist", a parody about a shonen in which a Succubus tries to be the best demon and become the next Demon lord...through sex! I got the idea 3 days ago bored at a convention, i started writing crazy jokes and endep up sketching 6...
  2. kukuruyo

    Webcomic: Monster girls on tour

    I have been posting drawings for a while in the galery, and recently began a full Monster girls comic (i have another comic with monster girls and scalies called Guild adventure, but they are secondary characters), since i don't dwell much in the forums i guess this is the right place to put a...
  3. kukuruyo


    Hi, i have been arround furaffinity for a while, but never wrote before. Now i'm running a webcomic with Monster girls and some other humanoids so i guess i'll be posting it arround here.