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  1. JuniperW

    Looking to get into RP (18+)

    Tried looking for RP over on ToyHouse but haven't found anyone so far. Even though I don't want to RP with minors I do not want to include any NSFW or kinks, so please keep that in mind. I'm okay with playing human(oid) and anthro characters. Here are some I'm interested in using: Tallika...
  2. JuniperW

    Hiring: ($15+) LF anthro bird design

    EDIT: I can’t believe I have to say this, but DO NOT SEND ME NSFW EXAMPLES OVER PRIVATE MESSAGE. Hey there! Hoping to commission someone for a quick & easy design of an anthro black swan. Preferably with quite humanoid anatomy as it's an alternate form of a human character. I'll provide...
  3. JuniperW

    Art Trade: LF: music/art, can offer art/writing

    Hey, I’m looking for theme songs for my worlds & characters! And some art, alternatively, if that’s not your jam. I could do art and/or writing in return! Nothing NSFW/problematic though. As for the music, the specific genres I’m looking for are thrash metal and jazz fusion. If those aren’t your...
  4. JuniperW

    Art Trade: Looking for some cheer-up art, can do art/writing in return

    Hello all. I have been feeling a little down as of lately and am looking for some art of my characters to ease the stress. I’m looking for art with Tallika and/or Whiplash. The former can also be drawn in his snake form. I would prefer to do art in return as I find it harder to finish short...
  5. JuniperW

    Weird/unusual stories about your family’s history?

    OK, this thread kinda came out of nowhere, but I just found out something super strange about my mum’s side of the family — and I was wondering if any of you also have anything weird or confusing to share about your family, heritage, etc. The something in question is a court case filed against...
  6. JuniperW

    Bop or Flop

    So I saw this forum game here where one user names a food and the next user will say whether it's yum or yuck. Which inspired me to make a similar one, but for music! Here, you post a link or video to a song, and the next user will say whether they think it's a bop or a flop. Let's start with...
  7. JuniperW

    LF artists for an original species

    Hello! Does anyone round here take comms, requests or whatever that pertain to original species in particular? My art skills aren’t exactly top-notch and I would love to see how my species looks in different styles!
  8. JuniperW

    Started working on an original species! What do ya think? ;)

    Hello, all you wonderful people! I figured I'd make an original species for a book I'm planning. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't create one for yourself. They will not be labelled as 'closed', 'open', or have any specific guidelines. I, personally, dislike these distinctions. This is...
  9. JuniperW

    Writers’ Support Thread

    So, you might have seen or heard of “artist support” posts. They’re meant to help promote underrated artists and people who are struggling to get noticed. In the furry fandom, I believe that authors never get enough credit for all of the hard work they put into their stories. Writing is just as...
  10. JuniperW

    Colour schemes

    What’s your favourite combination(s) of colours to use for designing characters? Mine is black primarily accented with red and I admit I probably overuse it quite a bit. it might not surprise you that my all-time favourite fictional character is well-known for having this exact colour scheme
  11. JuniperW

    Story YCHs...are they a thing?

    By now, everyone and their grandmother knows how big of a deal YCHs are in the furry fandom (I mean, you can't reload the front page of FA without seeing at least five of them, it seems.) Problem is, I've become progressively less interested in doing art and instead focusing most of my time on...
  12. JuniperW

    (Commission) Selling: 2021 Writing Commissions (£15+) (2/3 slots open!)

    Hello everyone! I've updated my commission info for the new year! The price is £15 per 1000 words, with the minimum word count being 1000. Read this Google doc for more info, including my TOS...
  13. JuniperW

    Advent Calendars

    This just arrived in the mail today! It looks beautiful, and is filled with 24 different varieties of tea~ I wasn’t the one who ordered it, but everyone in my family knows I like birbs, so I’m not surprised this is the one I got! Are you going to have an advent calendar of your own this year...
  14. JuniperW

    What are y'all doing for Christmas?

    Seeing as how the virus is impacting every country differently, we're all gonna have different plans for Christmas. Lockdown in my country is ending at the start of December, so I'm going to be out and about a lot of the time - though not without taking extra precautions. A new wood burner...
  15. JuniperW

    What’s the appeal of adoptables?

    I don’t think I could ever put a monetary value on any of my original characters. Throughout the years, I’ve made many of them and it’s safe to say that they all mean quite a lot to me, even if there are some that I’m unlikely to use for any future projects. If I was going to transfer ownership...
  16. JuniperW

    Rukis’s Red Lantern

    I just read the Kindle edition of Legacy: Dawn by Rukis, and I have to say that it’s a phenomenal story with some excellent illustrations. I’m also aware the author created a comic set in the same universe called Red Lantern. Although, I can’t seem to find any digital editions being sold...
  17. JuniperW

    Hiring: Fullbody Feline (£30+)

    Hello! Anyone here who likes drawing felines? I would like to commission some art of my character Zamira. www.furaffinity.net: Zamira refsheet by juniperrr
  18. JuniperW

    Main Site Will there be support for custom themes on the main site?

    I think it'd be a pretty neat idea if we could customise the appearance of FurAffinity. That will be pretty hard for anyone who doesn't know CSS but part of it could be that we could upload our themes for other people to use.
  19. JuniperW

    Hiring: Fullbody Avian (£40+)

    (I have never really commissioned someone before so the price range is arbitrary more than anything else. Since I want a background on the piece it's likely going to be quite a bit higher, but eh) If anyone likes drawing birds in a semi realistic style, I'd like to commission a drawing of my...
  20. JuniperW

    High Fantasy-style Furry novels?

    Have any of you read any good anthro novels in a High Fantasy setting? Best example I could think of is Redwall, those books were written a while ago but they were part of the reason I became a furry in the first place. In terms of modern furry novels, my favourites are Slave Trade by...