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  1. PsychicOtter

    Foiled terrorist attack in the Toronto area

    Al-Qaeda operatives planned to derail a busy passenger train in the Toronto area, but were stopped. To me, despite the recent Boston attacks, it seems like the feds are getting better at stopping these before they happen...
  2. PsychicOtter

    Furry March Madness Contest

    The bracket for the annual March Madness college basketball tournament is revealed on Sunday. I created an online pool for anybody here who would be interested. If you want to participate, here is how to get started: 1. Go to...
  3. PsychicOtter

    All-time Favorite TV shows

    Just curious as to what everyone's top 5 favorite shows are. Here are mine: 1. Lost 2. Seinfeld 3. 24 4. Breaking Bad 5. Homeland I apologize if this thread has been done before.
  4. PsychicOtter

    Magnifying the Universe

    Just thought this was interesting and I know there are a lot of science fans here. It lets you zoom in and out of the Universe and compare the sizes of everything from protons to galaxy clusters and nebulae. http://www.dentonslive.com/science-post-comparing-the-size-of-things-in-the-universe/...
  5. PsychicOtter

    Stock Market Thread

    Not sure if anybody on here is in to investing, but I thought I'd give this a shot anyway. If you have any ideas, stock tips/picks, questions, discuss them here. My recent picks include Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) and Vale (VALE), and I've always liked 3M (MMM) and MasterCard (MA).
  6. PsychicOtter

    Anybody know if I can buy an otter tail?

    I've looked around the internet, but i can only find tails for wolves, foxes, dogs, etc. Is there anywhere that I can find an otter tail? Thanks!
  7. PsychicOtter

    Hello everyone!

    After lurking around for a week or two, I finally decided to joined FAF! I'm extremely new to all of this and am looking forward to becoming member. I've lived in Pittsburgh for my whole life, so when summer comes around hopefully I'll be able to attend my first convention. That's all for...