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  1. Tiger In A Tie

    Wirless headphones reccomendations?

    I'm looking to purchase a pair of wireless headphones, under the price of $40. problem is, there are many brands/types available and I really don't know what to look for. I'll really just be using them to listen to music on my computer, won't be walking around the house with them or anything...
  2. Tiger In A Tie

    Cintiq tablet: Worth investing for?

    Hey, everybody! I've got a few questions about Cintiq tablets. I'm an art major in college. I want a career of illustrating children's books. Recently, I've been looking into a Cintiq tablet. My Intuos 3 has been very hardy and still works, but when I begin to advance towards a professional...
  3. Tiger In A Tie

    Favorite Books as a Child

    Hey all! I've got kind of a...survey thing going on? I dunno what to call it. Anyways. My sister is in a children's literature class and needs help finding books of specific genres to read. She needs to read 15 books, and so far she has 13, and needs two more. The books need to be either...
  4. Tiger In A Tie

    Fair price for an icon commisision?

    Hi everyone c: I apologize ahead of time if this thread is in the wrong section of the forums, please move it if needed. So recently I've been taking on a LOT of icon commissions. They used to be $2 for one icon. However after the first two or three of them, I began spending more and more time...
  5. Tiger In A Tie

    Games that a 5 year old can play

    I have a 5 year old nephew, and he and I like to play video games together. We play Mario Super Sluggers (baseball) and Super Mario Sunshine. In Sunshine, I play all the levels and he watches, and he plays on the island and squirts the guys and just runs around in general. However, I've almost...
  6. Tiger In A Tie

    Account Problem: Changing my FA account name?

    Several years ago, I created the fA account tiger-in-a-tie. I abandoned the account for my NightfireTiger account. However, I'd like to go back to my old account. Is there a way I can change my NightfireTiger account to my old one while still keeping the pageviews, favs, comments, submissions...
  7. Tiger In A Tie

    What kind of art interests you?

    Hello all! I'm looking for advice on what type of art interests you. My mom is having a garage sale soon, and I want to sell some art there. However, this art is different than commissions. With commissions, someone knows what my art looks like, has contacted you privately, and has a specific...
  8. Tiger In A Tie

    Fursuit Memories

    So I'm thinking of making a fursuit. I was wondering, for those of you that have suits, partial or full, doesn't matter, what are some of your favorite fursuit memories? I've heard fursuits are lots of fun and I'd love to hear your experiences. Also, if anyone has anything negative that has...
  9. Tiger In A Tie

    Taking two requests

    I'm bored, can't think of anything to draw. I'll take two requests. I dunno if it will end up being a badge, full body, headshot, or just something random. I'm just looking for some new characters to draw. Requests go to the first two responses :)
  10. Tiger In A Tie

    Two free badge requests!

    Hey everyone! I'm working on getting a website open for my commissions. thing is, I have examples posted but can't think of a few example badges. So, since I have two examples needing to be done, I'm taking two requests. Both of them must be anthro, not quad. Both will be full body. One will be...