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  1. PsychicOtter


    I have a brother who's three years older than me. We're completely different, but we get along well.
  2. PsychicOtter

    Sweet Tooth's Unite!!!

    Kit-Kat and Twix are the greatest.
  3. PsychicOtter

    Where Safety Begets Injuries: An NFL Dilemma

    It is becoming a big issue; it seems like every game I watch someone is being carted off the field. However, I don't see any way around this. The only thing they can do is inform players of the risks before they join the NFL, but that won't do much. Plus, the NFL isn't as concerned with...
  4. PsychicOtter

    what is your favorite game?

    Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time.
  5. PsychicOtter

    What is your dream?

    Become a Major League Baseball scout.
  6. PsychicOtter

    Rate The Song Above You!

    3/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02J61h9eqAM
  7. PsychicOtter

    What was the last movie that you looked at with your eyes or maybe just heard?

    Just saw Captain Phillips today. It was incredible. 9.5/10.
  8. PsychicOtter

    So, What Song's Stuck Inside Your Head Today?

  9. PsychicOtter

    Rate The Song Above You!

    Not the kind of stuff I listen too, but it was fine. 6/10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GySJ1bHPsS0
  10. PsychicOtter

    So, What Song's Stuck Inside Your Head Today?

  11. PsychicOtter

    FIAWOL vs FIJAGH (lifestylers vs hobbyists)

    For me it isn't (and never will be) anything more than a simple hobby. But if it means a little more than that to somebody, it makes no difference to me. As long as it's not taking over someone's life, I don't see why I should care.
  12. PsychicOtter

    Your favorite Movies

    Just saw The Dear Hunter for the first time. It's not my favorite, but it's relatively close.
  13. PsychicOtter

    So, What Song's Stuck Inside Your Head Today?

  14. PsychicOtter

    things you just dont understand

    The mindset of Congress
  15. PsychicOtter

    Breaking Bad - 1 episode left

    Well, I liked the ending. It was ver satisfying. My only issue was that it seemed to wrap up a little too​ nicely. Also, does anybody know if Jesse has any money?
  16. PsychicOtter


    I'm definitely in favor, as long as you go to a legitimate facility.
  17. PsychicOtter

    Fursona species there should be more of, less of and none of in your opinion

    That used to be the case, but we're everywhere now.
  18. PsychicOtter

    Wings on non-winged species?

    I think it's probably to draw them well on non-winged species, but if done correctly I like it a lot.
  19. PsychicOtter

    What phone do you own?

    Some lame LG that doesn't really do anything.
  20. PsychicOtter

    What kind of underwear do you wear ?

    I agree, boxer-briefs are the way to go.