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  1. Zop

    Driving/Moving out of state

    My biggest move was a little over 1000 miles (all within the US). I thought packing/unpacking was way harder then the drive, but maybe that's just me. The most difficult aspect of the drive was probably adjusting to from freeways to cities and vice versa. Also, it's much nicer if you have...
  2. Zop

    How do you guys deal with stress? (Not necro'd)

    Video games. What better way to solve life's problems than by pretending that they don't exist.
  3. Zop

    Nao dat modz r gone is can bcome frorum moderadurrr will rool w/iron fist or paw or w/e Also u...

    Nao dat modz r gone is can bcome frorum moderadurrr will rool w/iron fist or paw or w/e Also u nevur told me wut wuz in 7 munth pregnent three n now u can so plz spill jewsee sekrits
  4. Zop

    The weird thing about weirdness

    Yes you are all quite strange. Thank you for making me feel normal!
  5. Zop

    What do you wear in a heatwave?

    That's the secret. I do not go outside.
  6. Zop

    What value is there to shitposting?

    wut is shit post no understand r post supposed 2 has substance or something
  7. Zop

    Here's a fun idea

    My cat tree has an enclosed portion with a small hole that is just big enough for my cat to enter. I wish I had an indoor hose so I could spray him while he is resting in the cat tree. He wouldn't be able to go anywhere, except towards the source of water being fired at him. Which he won't do...
  8. Zop

    I am new to the forums, so here is some about me

    Welcome new to the forums, so here is some about me!
  9. Zop

    How to gain weight?

  10. Zop

    "Lilo and Stitch for Adults?" Meh

    There is a place called e621 that technically makes everything for adults! Just don't Google it if you are at work.
  11. Zop

    Literal Shit

    Is it... Is it coming out of an anus? And if so I am sorry to inform you but people do masturbate to that sort of thing also :P
  12. Zop

    Things that we've lost:

  13. Zop

    Which age group do you find the most attractive?

    What about below 12? This poll sucks.
  14. Zop

    Things you used to hate but now like/love

    Re: Things you used to have but now like/love Furries
  15. Zop

    things you just dont understand

  16. Zop

    things you just dont understand

    Urg I almost think that should be made as an anonymous tip to the media. "Ex cop able to get away with double vehicular homicide by bribing law enforcement with handouts". But then again if something were actually done, Red's family would be at the center of everything.
  17. Zop

    Need advice

    Oh yeah that's right. Europe so backwards. Conform to the US damn it. Have some more McDonald's.
  18. Zop

    Need advice

    Did you call back the places you applied to? Whether or not an applicant calls back is sometimes used as a filter. Also, if you don't mind me asking, what were you studying and why did you leave? You're quite young so you could always go back. If not now then in a few years.
  19. Zop

    [Witty title here]

    I steal your inhaler.
  20. Zop

    Words you never said

    "Jack and Jill by Adam Sandler is a cinematic masterpiece." "I am voting for Donald Trump." "Windows Vista is the best Windows."