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  1. Attaman

    give me ONE good reason to like spiders.

    I think one of the biggest questions one must ask before trying to deal with arachnophobia is "approximately what geographic region do you live?" I say this because how you calm somebody in, say, Europe, tends to be significantly different from how you calm somebody in North America different...
  2. Attaman

    AI-generated art

    Something to keep in mind with AI art is that it can and has been directly used - openly, with candid admittance - as a means to avoid paying artist as well as a way to actively target and hurt artists' income. This is not the realm of theoretical future problems that hypothetical bad actors...
  3. Attaman

    Calming Down, Could You Feel Your Satisfaction? Mob Psycho 100

    It's time. Both for the initial soundtrack, and S3 has begun. Keep in mind that some of the PV's spoil the plot of the season, so if looking to go in blind you may want to avoid those.
  4. Attaman

    Welcome back. I can scarcely remember things the Before Days, but my guess is I saw the seafoam...

    Welcome back. I can scarcely remember things the Before Days, but my guess is I saw the seafoam as adding a hint of blue to your green and took a shot.
  5. Attaman

    Warframe News and Info

    On one hand I can get the ammo rework as I've been around in WF since 2013 and it had very much settled into a spot where barring a handful of weapons (like the Boar Prime which ate ammunition like an assault rifle but max'd and recovered like a shotgun) you... never really had to worry unless...
  6. Attaman

    Warframe News and Info

    I've shared as much before but The New War very much feels like a sugar rush. Yes, it's fun going through it (barring that specific stealth segment everyone who's played knows I'm referring to), but a little while later you realize it didn't really do anything about your hunger and nothing was...
  7. Attaman

    Things That You Hate v3.0

    It's fishing. Specifically: A moderately consistent bunch of users use the Things You Hate / Vent Thread(s) to test the water of current community sentiment, as well as fish for responses they can claim are "No Politics" violations / harassment / block evasion. It was particularly bad when we...
  8. Attaman

    General Gaming News

    Also belatedly, Fairly certain this is Square-Enix trying to save face and reassure investors going into a new quarter, seeing as how earlier in the year they said they were explicitly doing it to fund NFT related projects (including new IP's) since they considered such to be a more profitable...
  9. Attaman

    General Gaming News

    Of note, since FFT was brought up earlier, there's a moderate bit of difference between the original Final Fantasy Tactics and the War of the Lions version. Different localization teams (meaning differences in dialogue, and different people swear by different versions' choices), more classes...
  10. Attaman

    Vent Thread

    I'll take "Playing victim and quietly dropping the legitimacy of an all-meat diet as a solution to depression" as a win if it means we can move on now from people endorsing actively harmful practices / beliefs. Because I wasn't joking last time, and I'm not joking now. I'll take any...
  11. Attaman

    Vent Thread

    For context / reference: A few months back there was a similar discussion about how car exhaust is totally harmless. It didn't end until a certain somebody (see: Me) went full A Modest Proposal with a way to test that hypothesis, at which point it was dropped like a lead balloon housing a...
  12. Attaman

    Vent Thread

    Pretending you aren't being purposefully obtuse: They're saying that he's advocated - and even personally gone through with - a regime involving a meat-only diet as a solution to clinical depression. Which is a strange hill for people to die on regarding his credibility / needing an alternative...
  13. Attaman

    Vent Thread

    I think - and I realize I'm extending an olive branch of generosity when doing so - that part of the complication might be from people not realizing "Meds make [x] feel better" doesn't necessarily mean "Gives a feel-good chemical high" but can also mean things like "Are able to get a good...
  14. Attaman

    which things you guys hate on the furry community?

    Closest thing I can probably argue to 'hate' about the Furry Fandom is that it has done a lot to tint perceptions online that Art Is Cheap and that Art That Costs More Than Minimum Wage Is Overcharged. I don't even work professionally in the field but you would not believe how many times I've...
  15. Attaman

    Open Chat

    Flamingo's work in mysterious ways.
  16. Attaman

    Warframe News and Info

    For reference there should still be two codes people can enter in-game in the Market for free stuff. "DEATH-BATTLE" and "TENNOCON2022", if I'm recalling both of them correctly. One should give a Prisma Skana, Glyph, and a couple other things (Tennocon 2022's), and the other is IIRC 220,000...
  17. Attaman

    General Gaming News

    Well, you're getting Genesis alright.
  18. Attaman

    General Gaming News

    For reference to those unawares, there'll be a 25th Anniversary FFVII stream event from SE tomorrow. My guess is, in order of most to least likely: Information on the next Final Fantasy VII: Remake part; VII-specific tie-ins with other SE works (such as more FFXIV content cribbing from VII)...
  19. Attaman

    Antiquated Weapons Thread.

    With regards to swords among pike formations, a great deal of that is that- Is anyone else here familiar with the term "Bad War"? No, not "War Bad", not "It was a Bad War", but specifically "Bad War". If not, the generally idea / meaning behind it relates to how European warfare changed with...