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  1. Beatle9

    Overlooked games

    This is a threat about games that you really like that you just don't think get the attention they deserve. This isn't an "underrated" thread, but an "overlooked" thread. Good games that people just don't seem to pay attention to. I guess I'll start by mentioning a game called Urban Chaos: Riot...
  2. Beatle9

    Games everyone seems to love, but you just couldn't get into.

    You ever had a game you had a bit of a controversial opinion on? A game that seems universally loved, but you thought wasn't as good as people said, or even thought it was just plain bad? Well, let's hear those controversial opinions! I guess I'll start by painting a big old target on my head...
  3. Beatle9

    "So bad they're good" Games

    I know this is more common when talking about movies, but I was wondering if anyone has played any bad games that they consider "so bad they're good". One I can definitely think of is an often overlooked game called Raw Danger, also known as Disaster Report 2. I remember playing the first...
  4. Beatle9

    Drew this after seeing Get Out

    I don't normally draw, but after a combination of seeing the horror/comedy Get Out and a particularly stressful day at work, I made this thing a while back, based on the face on all promotional material for the movie: I know it's not that good, but I had fun drawing it, and it was pretty...
  5. Beatle9

    If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

    Any animal, fictional or real, wild or domestic. It would be guaranteed not to harm you or anyone close to you, and you would have the means to take care of it for the rest of its life. Mine would be a grizzly bear. Bears are my favorite animal, because they can be both badass and adorable...
  6. Beatle9

    What's the scariest nightmare you've had?

    I love hearing stories about dreams people have had, and I love horror. So let's combine the two; what nightmare still disturbs you just thinking about it? Mine probably doesn't sound that interesting at first. I can't exactly remember what led up to this, but in the dream I was being chased by...
  7. Beatle9

    What's your "Desert Island" Band?

    This is a question I heard in the movie Green Room, and I think it's a cool question. If you were on a deserted island, and could only bring one band/artist's entire discography with you, whose would it be? Mine's probably the Red Hot Chili Peppers.