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  1. TopazThunder

    The Pokemon Thread

    You kidding? I'm famous now because of that video. Ahem, anyway. I figure I'd post my friend code and such for anyone interested, although this is more to benefit those that might be interested in accessing my Friend Safari, which has Pancham, Mankey and Breloom. I'm not terribly competitive...
  2. TopazThunder

    Pencil smudges and ink stains. ~Topaz' Sketchbook

    Posting a little cobbled-together progress shot of my current project. This one is a commission depicting my own character, a unicorn witch (I've been commissioned in the past by the same client with her as the subject before already). Only parameters are for it to be as detailed as I want and...
  3. TopazThunder

    Your Old Art Folder - A 2-in-1 Treasure and Junk box

    Checking out everyone's old art and what they're like now is fascinating; it's like looking at someone's personality development, life experiences and emerging self-awareness in cross-section. Most of the art I have on the 'net is from late 2008 (with a few exceptions). I have folders of art...
  4. TopazThunder

    Pencil smudges and ink stains. ~Topaz' Sketchbook

    Shows how much I pay attention to this place anymore; I had no idea this section actually had individual sketchbook threads now, heh. I don't really know how much I'll actually post around here since I prefer to put my sketches on my Tumblr or FA scraps now, but I figure to update this with some...
  5. TopazThunder

    Blekarotva's Sketchbook

    Really dig those head and facial studies! I love how you actually plot out the geography and major planes of the face and underlying skull; it makes for a far more solid structure. I especially love the purple values and tones you used in the very bottom colored study. And naturally, I love her...
  6. TopazThunder

    Holiday discount on select commission types ~Lasts Through Cyber Monday~

    One quick (and final) update for this thread: I'll be extending the sale prices for one more day, so these discounts will be effective through Tuesday as well!
  7. TopazThunder

    Holiday discount on select commission types ~Lasts Through Cyber Monday~

    Doing temporary markdowns of certain commission types for the holidays! If you live in Canada or the continental U.S. I can guarantee arrival before Christmas and everywhere else can still be more than likely. These prices are effective now all through Cyber Monday! This is the only time...
  8. TopazThunder

    How To Color and Finalize More Quickly

    I've had similar problems in the past with that (up until only about a year ago in fact), and I found a lot of it was my approach, namely looking at the whole and thinking "Man, that is going to take forever to color...." and it would often result in an unfinished piece or a coloring job that...
  9. TopazThunder

    Special commissions for October~ Test Tube Creatures!

    In addition to opting for a Hallowe'en-flavored commission from me of any type, for the month of October I'll also be doing these fun special themed commissions for only $25! Here is an example of what they look like, though bear in mind my skills have refined somewhat since then...
  10. TopazThunder

    Simple Bits of GREAT Game Design.

    I thought the dynamic AI of the Wind Waker enemies were awesome and gave the game that extra bit of immersion. The fact that they could lose their weapons, and not only attempt to attack you without it, but they'd also make efforts to get another weapon after that, and not necessarily their own...
  11. TopazThunder


    Jeeze XoPachi, why you gotta go and take my exact thoughts and copy them before I can get a word in edge-wise? My opinion about this site is a little more middle-of-the-road than others; on the one hand, yeah something like this is inevitable and I know plenty of artists really don't care...
  12. TopazThunder

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Neverwinter. Started playing it only a couple weeks ago and I'm actually starting to have a lot of fun with it, and this is coming from someone who hates 4th Edition D&D; the mechanics in my opinion lend themselves better to an MMO than a tabletop.
  13. TopazThunder

    Tired of SL, need MMO's with furry community

    I have fond memories of a guild on WoW that myself and the other half founded called League of Monsters. We were verrrry picky about recruitment though, which resulted in us and maybe 6 or 7 other people by the time we quit sometime after Cataclysm came out. It resulted in an awesome...
  14. TopazThunder

    What traditional materials do you use?

    Ooh ooh, traditional media discussion; I'm all over this. I'm almost exclusively a dry media artist. Graphite is probably my most familiar media and where I'm strongest, followed closely by colored pencils (I use Derwents almost exclusively, but I do like to mess around with Prismacolors as...
  15. TopazThunder

    Transition into Digital Art

    I'm still in the beginnings of the transition phase; I suppose it would be more "dabbling" than anything, but hey. It's....pretty rough for me. It feels like drawing with my off hand, if my off hand was a hook and wielded by a tipsy, seasick pirate. So far it's entirely counter-intuitive to...
  16. TopazThunder

    Valve Pipeline

    This is actually really kickass and gives a real opportunity for students with potential to actually make something out of talent or skill.
  17. TopazThunder

    Horrific fursuits (read OP)

    Re: Horrific fursuits What...what is the point of that bikini anyway? Why not simply go the extra mile and put nipple tassels on those babies instead? :V
  18. TopazThunder

    Detailed traditional monochrome portraits for $10

    All slots currently taken! If you are still interested in getting such a commission from me, either keep an eye on this thread for an update on when I'm open again, or check my page journals for when I announce openings! ~Example Batch 1 ~Example Batch 2 ~Example Batch 3 Just like the above...
  19. TopazThunder

    Horrific fursuits (read OP)

    Re: Horrific fursuits The fur is actually kind of cool. It's just too bad the rest of it is a hideous monstrosity. Bedecked as a questionably aesthetic cartoon character doesn't necessarily absolve you from having no fashion sense, and I think this is a great example of that... I can't...
  20. TopazThunder

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Playing some co-op Serious Sam: BFE on Serious. Maybe at some point we'll even start up a Mental run... My god some of the later levels; screw you Witch Brides I'd rather fight Kleer.