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  1. DylanM40

    External DVD/CD Drive

    I’m looking to get a external DVD/CD drive for my laptop since this laptop of mine doesn’t have a CD drive itself. Was wondering if anyone has purchased one here lately and could possibly give me a recommendation.
  2. DylanM40

    Video Camcorders

    So started playing around with a camcorder again that I picked up at that beginning of the year. Blows my mind how much they have progressed since cameras and camcorders came out. I have a Sony AX33 and plan on trying to get AX100 in the future maybe. Sure there will be a priced drop when the...
  3. DylanM40

    Pentax Cameras

    I was kinda wondering if anyone ever messed with a Pentax Camera. I just realized I don't know whole lot about that particular brand.
  4. DylanM40

    Preferences on Cameras

    So what kinda cameras does everyone like to use? Phones, point and shoot, or DSLRs. There is also bunch of other specialty cameras like pinhole cameras which is rarely used. I'm personally using a Sony brand which is A6000 and have A5100 as back if that goes down the drain
  5. DylanM40

    Opinions On The Sony A6000

    I just got the Sony A6000 this past week. Got to play around with this weekend though didn't take any photos I was exactly proud of but that will come with time. I took some night time shots out in the country and did took some while in a park near where I live. I'll probably take some more...
  6. DylanM40


    So anyone out there looking forward to the new expansion for World of Warcraft?
  7. DylanM40

    Late Night Work

    Though the title is bit off the actual topic. Anyone up this early in the morning during the week?
  8. DylanM40

    World of Warcraft

    Hello was wondering if anyone still plays world of warcraft here? I was checking back a ways didn't see to many threads on it and the one stickied had been deleted.
  9. DylanM40

    "No More Room In Hell" PC Game

    Was wondering if anyone has played this steam game or not. I've play a couple of rounds the other day by myself thought it was pretty cool. More of a challenge than most zombie games these days. Reminds me a lot of a game that used to be on the Xbox back in the day. If anyone is interested in...
  10. DylanM40


    Hey whats up everyone? My names Dylan been on here for about a week and finally got around to posting on the introduction post. I live in Texas going to college at Texas State Technical College (TSTC). Yeah I don't do much on intros but if you want to know specific things check out my bio on...