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  1. Lovely

    Lovely's Commissions (Ref Sheets + Art)

    Hello! I draw both furries and humans so if you have either of those please take a look at my examples! I keep my prices and TOS on google docs to make things easier in case I need to update prices. Here are my general commissions: docs.google.com: GENERAL COMMISSION PRICES Prices range from...
  2. Lovely


    Rules of Adopts: 1) You can change their name, gender, personality, clothing, ect. 2) Credit for design is not required, but if you're feeling kind please credit: www.cassirollart.tumblr.com: Cassidy Campbell 3) You may resell for the same price or lower, but never higher than the original...
  3. Lovely

    $5 Bust Commissions!

    Hello! I am selling $5 bust commissions! My FA profile: Userpage of alovelylynx -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Here are some examples of other commissions I've done recently (from furvilla): Terms of Service: 1) Paypal only. No point commissions will be accepted. 2) Payment must be up front. 3)...