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  1. falderal

    How many Visual Artists and Writers/Authors are on FA?

    I wonder how many furry visual artists (drawings, digital drawings, etc.) are on the site and how many authors/writers are on the site in total each? I didn't know if such a thread was ever started. If it was, please close this thread and point me in the right direction.
  2. falderal

    FuraffinityMUCK? What MUCK? Furaffinity with a MUCK?

    This is a general poll. I originally put a poll like this when I was asking for community opinion to put up the AlfandriaMUCK, so I will use similar questions. Would anyone be interested in an official/unofficial (and by official we would have to appeal to the admins directly to get any further)...
  3. falderal

    Trouble tickets from threads/message posts

    I'm throwing this one out there. I don't see that it was addressed but if it was, please point me there and close this down/delete. I see that there's a "report this messages/thread" button to flag a moderator that the post is in violation and such. How about, at least for the support line...
  4. falderal

    Taking this opportunity to say hi

    Hi, I am posting my welcome to the forums finally. I was scouting furaffinity and had an account on Furaffinity since it's Beta stages and have had an account here for sometime in the post beta stages. My fursona of choice is that of a Jackalope, but incidently I was born near the east coast...