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  1. Cloverleaf

    Free Character Sketches

    I cannot resist cuteness.
  2. Cloverleaf

    Free Character Sketches

    Hello friendos, I'm looking to warm myself back up to drawing in photoshop after a long hiatus. Post characters here, and I'll draw 'em, that simple. I won't be fulfilling any nsfw requests, but otherwise I'm open to whatever.
  3. Cloverleaf

    Erzyal, The Husky

    Only have time for a quickie. Hope you like im!
  4. Cloverleaf

    Requests Go Here

    One down!
  5. Cloverleaf

    Requests Go Here

    Put some requests here. Post ref or detailed description. Must be following my FA page. SFW only. Furry, human, animal, whatever. Will mostly be little sketches like so: Thanks yall
  6. Cloverleaf

    Cute shy bunny ^^

    Here's a sketch
  7. Cloverleaf

    Comic Research.

    He's calculating the price per page. 100 pages at a total of $420 comes out to $4.20 per page.
  8. Cloverleaf

    Looking for animation critique

    What it says on the tin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vITx3197XR4
  9. Cloverleaf

    All sorts of commissions OPEN!

    Updated stuff, ctrl+f5's all around!
  10. Cloverleaf

    Reminder. Do not sell items that do not meet the $5 minimum requirement. Period.

    I have all of my prices listed in one mega-image, with the cheapest thing being $3, but it goes all the way up to $45+. Is that still legit?
  11. Cloverleaf

    Looking for Ref Sheet

    The basic package includes two fullbody views and two head shots. Let me know if you have any questions! My gallery
  12. Cloverleaf

    I need a good detailed reference sheet for upcoming fursuit

    The basic package includes two fullbody views and two head shots. Let me know if you have any questions! My gallery
  13. Cloverleaf

    French Commercial with a Cougar Furry!

    On you tube Heads up: gets a little gay at the end, but it's still fairly SFW (in the sense of how SFW anything furry is).
  14. Cloverleaf

    All sorts of commissions OPEN!

    Got some new examples and modified prices up! Some updated info, too!
  15. Cloverleaf

    Possible Commission

    Commission Bible / FAQ
  16. Cloverleaf

    Looking for an artist to work with me in creating my fursona! No Budget!

    Commissions bible with FAQ! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to send me a note!
  17. Cloverleaf

    REF Sheet Wanted!

    Here's my general price list. Basic package includes two fullbody views and two headshots.
  18. Cloverleaf

    LF; 2 ref sheets + a few pictures

    My guidesheet, which links to the FAQ. The "basic package" for ref sheets is 2 full views + 2 headshots.
  19. Cloverleaf

    Really Weird Commission

    Cute character, here's my price guide if you're interested! With a link to the corresponding information.
  20. Cloverleaf

    Late Birthday Present To Myself

    Dropping my info, if you are still looking. :D