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  1. Cloverleaf

    Free Character Sketches

    Hello friendos, I'm looking to warm myself back up to drawing in photoshop after a long hiatus. Post characters here, and I'll draw 'em, that simple. I won't be fulfilling any nsfw requests, but otherwise I'm open to whatever.
  2. Cloverleaf

    Requests Go Here

    Put some requests here. Post ref or detailed description. Must be following my FA page. SFW only. Furry, human, animal, whatever. Will mostly be little sketches like so: Thanks yall
  3. Cloverleaf

    Looking for animation critique

    What it says on the tin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vITx3197XR4
  4. Cloverleaf

    French Commercial with a Cougar Furry!

    On you tube Heads up: gets a little gay at the end, but it's still fairly SFW (in the sense of how SFW anything furry is).
  5. Cloverleaf

    All sorts of commissions OPEN!

    Here's my commission bible: Slots: Currently unlimited (ha) Contact info: My FA account FAQ: --- Sketches --- Q: What does "shading" mean? A: Shading on sketches is quick, but a lot more detailed than a standard sketch. It also necessitates a bit of clean-up, so it's an over-all cleaner...
  6. Cloverleaf

    Found an old digital painting WIP, would like critique!

    So I was digging through an old flash drive throwing junk out to make more room, when I found this digital painting I hadn't finished from... gosh.. 2009 probably? I'd like to get some critique before dusting it off and moving forward. Those notes on the side are from back when I originally...
  7. Cloverleaf

    What are your favorite uncommon furry species?

    That is, species that aren't wolves/foxes/dragons/cats/etc. I love seeing stuff like genets and coatimundis.
  8. Cloverleaf

    Holiday Icons! $5 for one, $7 for two!

    Click for submission! I'd prefer to correspond through notes, but here works as well. Slots: 8/10 2 left!
  9. Cloverleaf

    Animation: Fire Tiger vs. Acid Panther

    Fire Tiger Vs. Acid Panther A symphony of music and visuals, Fire Tiger vs Acid Panther is a purely visually aesthetic film, designed to compliment a striking drum track created by Andre Bonetti. SYNOPSIS: Fire Tiger is king of the jungle, and eats magic fire berries to aid his hunting...
  10. Cloverleaf

    Dan Deacon's Mashup Album, Wish Book Volume 1

    Dan Deacon has made a mashup album on soundcloud and it is incredible. If you don't already know Dan Deacon, go listen to his albums Bromst and Spiderman of the Rings right now! Just as genius
  11. Cloverleaf

    New and want to know people!

    Heey, I'm Clover. I don't know anyone on this site at all, really. I study film and animation in university and draw a lot in my free time-- I draw more now that I'm here. I really enjoy healthy cooking and am trying to get into running (I ran my first mile recently, whatwhat). I try to dress...
  12. Cloverleaf

    New to the site -- Taking requests

    I'm new here, so I thought I'd take some requests to get started. Take a look at my profile in the meantime-- I'd really appreciate if you watched once you requested. You know, cause of the free art and whatnot. Safe for work only, please.