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  1. Redwulf16


    My sona is similar to me in build, if a bit slimmer, and has brown, shoulder-length hair just like me. personality-wise, he is nearly identical.
  2. Redwulf16

    How did you name your sona?

    I named mine after a magic the gathering card.
  3. Redwulf16

    What Makes a Fursona Different from an OC?

    I have two sonas, one for me when i'm on my meds, one for when i'm off. I feel like two different people depending on if I've forgotten them or not, so it makes sense for them to be separate. (risperdal is a hell of a drug) Also, I have an executive function disability, which is hard to explain...
  4. Redwulf16

    Biological Realism

    My fursona's species has all the traits you would expect from a wolf-humanoid, save for the fact that they usually cook their food, though they do have an extremely meat-heavy cuisine due to metabolic requirements.
  5. Redwulf16

    Where does your sona live?

    My fursona lives in a fantasy world, and travels alongside my secondary sona that represents me when I'm off my meds. They are a mage and a rouge, respectively. While they are often far from home, he is always welcome at his mother's modest quarters in the royal archives at Saavaarstaad.
  6. Redwulf16

    Fursona’s talents/Hobbies?

    My fursona, being a cripple, can not participate in most physical activity. He loves reading, and since his mother was the lorekeeper at the king's royal archives, he spent most of his childhood with his nose in a book. He extensive education have made him a powerful mage and a force to be...
  7. Redwulf16

    Are you interested in science?

    yes, yes, and yes!
  8. Redwulf16

    Space, Science 'n' stuff

    Nuclear "pusher plate" drive and a bi-generational starship. at a quarter the speed of light, it would take about 80 or 90 years to get there. antimatter is a great theoretical fuel but it is nearly impossible to produce sizable quantities of the stuff, and storing it is another issue. solar...
  9. Redwulf16

    3D printing as a solution to fursuit manufacturing

    wouldn't solid plastic parts be very heavy? Sry, I don't know very much about 3-D printing. I've seen the stuff they make and it's all hard plastic and even metal. nothing light and fluffy like styrofoam.
  10. Redwulf16

    Worst OS Ever?

    Android OS. Androids are trashy poor-people phones and their operating system shows it. ome to think of it, iOS isn't too great either. Linux and windows FTW. Desktops 4 life.
  11. Redwulf16

    Which webbrowser(s) do you use for the internet?

    Chrome all the way. I use safari on my iphone though, I just never bothered to change it as I mostly use my PC for anything that matters. the added speed from chrome is wasted on my phone because I have ultra-slow virgin mobile data service. Hard to justify anything else when it's unlimited for...
  12. Redwulf16

    Are you your sona?

    My fursona lives in a high-fantasy environment, and so his dress and mannerisms are adapted appropriately. also, I have Asperger's syndrome, which is both a gift and a curse, and to represent this my fursona is literally crippled (useless left leg) but is an incredible scholar and extremely...
  13. Redwulf16

    I hope you are mildly inconvenienced

    I hope you cut your finger while chopping lemons.
  14. Redwulf16

    The user above you just started a war, how?

    you started a flame war because you said spoders were cute. btw I think spoders are adorable XDD
  15. Redwulf16

    Never have I ever

    Nope, never did that never have I ever had sex btw tfw no gf XD
  16. Redwulf16

    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

  17. Redwulf16

    Ask The User Below You Anything

    You know, I like how I look right now. I'm 6' 1'', 210 pounds, got long hair and hazel eyes, a pretty nice looking face, I like my appearance, and not many people can say that. I could do without the pimples though. And the medicine I take gave me moobs. Seriously there was a class-action...
  18. Redwulf16

    Game: Change one letter of a 4-letter word

    oops Tale XD
  19. Redwulf16

    Game: Change one letter of a 4-letter word

    Tail OwO