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  1. RafaleFlight

    Sketchbook: Raf's Sketches

    Those who've already met me know that I go on and on about how I'm not a good artist. Still, I'm hoping to improve if for no other reason than personal satisfaction, so I'll use this thread to post any of my sketches that I feel like posting. We'll start off with a little doodle I did...
  2. RafaleFlight

    Some of my Work

    I may not be much of an artist, but I'd like to post some of my writing chops here, for your perusal. In my, shall we say, less experienced days I wrote fanfic pieces with some moderate success. These days I've written a few short stories, published two of them, and I like to work on little...
  3. RafaleFlight

    Hiring: Putting together a ref sheet for an original species $50-$100 range

    (Posted this in the wrong area. Deleted the old post, reposting here) Hey all. Been a while since I posted here, but with summer, graduation (and therefore slightly more free time on my hands), and vacation, I've had the chance to delve a little deeper into a species I've been tinkering with...
  4. RafaleFlight


    Hey everyone! It goes without saying that I'm new around here, though "new" isn't the most apt description. I've lurked a bit in the community for over a year now, initially drawn in by the artistic talent on display. I'd always wanted to join, but was held back by what I perceived as a...
  5. RafaleFlight

    Hiring: Looking for an artist to put together a ref sheet or two!

    Hey all! Deleted my old post and moved it here, where I think it fits better. Anywho. I'm new around here (though a lurker for somewhat longer) and I'd like to see if any artists are willing to put together a reference sheet for either of my two original species! I'm not looking for anything...