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  1. Cero

    Reference for a new fursona

    So I decided to drop the whole wolf thing and change to a red panda, and was wondering if anyone would be willing to draw him just standing at an at-ease standing pose, shirtless and smiling, wearing jean shorts? (at least line art please) Here's a description Red Panda: D'aww... Reference...
  2. Cero


    I am an Arctic Wolf and Arctic Fox mix (Arctic Folf =3) I have the everything of a wolf but the tail of a fox I has whitish-blueish-gray fur. I have blue eyes I try to act serious a lot, but fail miserably.. I like to wear blue jeans and a jacket in the winter and shorts and T-shirts in the...
  3. Cero

    Limerick Thread

    Inspired by the Haiku thread, just cuz I'm bored. Post 'em! Definition of limerick I'll post one later btw...
  4. Cero

    Best thing you have ever eaten

    Idea came from Minihorse's topic. Go on, make me hungry. Mine is the teryaki chicken and rice bowl with a side of potstickers at Noodle Express or The Mustard Seed (Mainly Montana/Idaho chain)
  5. Cero

    Line art request

    Edit: It doesn't have to be line art actually. Just wish i could change the title of the thread ^.^' Hello. I was wondering if someone might want to try and draw my fursona in line art plz. I would like him leaning on his sword (any way the artist chooses), wearing whatever the artist chooses...
  6. Cero

    Allo allo!

    Hello there! My name is Cero, and I'm a wannabe artist, that's why I made an account here, in order to get better. About the best thing I've ever drawn is my avatar. I hope to be very active on the forums, but sometimes I might lurk...