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  1. Tenseki

    Art Trades [CLOSED]

    if you're interested let me know here requirements: - include a ref of your OC in reply, or link to one, - let me know what you're willing to do (headshot, upper body, full body) - i draw quickly so i would like for you to be able to do so as well (not more than 2 weeks) not a requirement but...
  2. Tenseki

    Seasonal YCH (closed)

    Hey guys, I'm doing a YCH. If you're interested feel free to bid over on here: --- Theme: --- Thanks for reading!
  3. Tenseki

    want characters for practice drawings [closed]

    i need more practice at drawing anthro characters, so if you would be happy to let me use your character for practice post a (sfw) ref sheet (female/feminine charas are preferred) examples of my art - Artwork Gallery for TensaiAkage -- Fur Affinity [dot] net - twitter.com: Finished Drawings -...
  4. Tenseki

    Open Commissions ($15-125 AUD / $12-100 USD) Sketches, Basic Ref Sheets, Prints

    *** What's available : Chibi: Flat Colour Chibi Sketches: Headshots | Upper Body | Full Body | Illustrations: Rough Illust | Full Illust Ref Sheets: Basic Refs | Large & Detailed Refs PWYW Custom Commissions | Prints *** All commission info details can be viewed on FA & commiss.io : Commission...