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  1. Ghostbird

    OCs what's first?

    Appearence or personality? I have characters personality first and then make a character that expresses it visuallly. Just wondering if any one else does this?
  2. Ghostbird

    So...I started doing snfw art and I noticed

    The views on my gallery increased dramaticly...not sure what to make of this lol
  3. Ghostbird


    The last couple weeks Ive been unmotivated to draw anything worthwhile. The stuff I do draw are just sketches that I never finish out. Anyone else have this problem? I just feel so lazy. :/
  4. Ghostbird

    Furriest dog toy

    Randomly found this! Frisco Muscle Plush Squeaking Wolf Dog Toy - Chewy.com
  5. Ghostbird

    I just saw cats....

    I kind of liked it, despite the creepiness. The music and dancing was pretty good. The character design though ..... :confused: I wish they had just done full on anthro characters.
  6. Ghostbird

    Critique my cell shading

    What do you think? www.furaffinity.net: Trio by Ghostbird
  7. Ghostbird

    Post yer pets!

  8. Ghostbird

    What do you do?

    What's your job? I'm a vet tech.