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  1. gruz

    a humble request

    does anyone know where i can get a hypnosis file or any other resource that might help me create a second personality?
  2. gruz

    for the love of gruz help me!

    there is a graphic novel (read:comic) that i can't find in fact i only just remembered it or at least the part i read and i really want to find the ending the name is street wise and i think it was distributed by tokyopop i've looked myself and i came up short there is another comic called...
  3. gruz

    how best to cool a notebook

    it's an upgraded toshiba equium well in capacity for the games of today but when i try to play newer games even though i exceed the recommended hardware it dies i have recently learned this was due to heat i was wondering if there is an inexpensive way of cooling it without losing portability
  4. gruz

    anthro skeletons

    i know i'm asking a lot and i'm sorry :( but i was wondering if anyone out there would draw skeletons muscle structure ect. for the different species the more detail the better nothing specific i just want an idea of the relative shapes of the different species so i know how best to draw them...
  5. gruz

    what movie/tv show makes you cry

    i can honestly say the only tv show that made me cry was farscape when zhaan died what about you?
  6. gruz

    question time

    lets have a nice little q+a session, see where it takes us.
  7. gruz

    a quite large coarse-furred grizzly walks in, the floor creaking under his weight

    *looks around the room* .....hi.....my name's gruz.....say, where'd i get a drink in this place?[hr]y'know how it is i'm new to this place and i need a little hospitality to get settled