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  1. Blaruu

    Dragon OC request

    Hey guys! I've never had much in the way of pictures of my OC from other people, even after 4-5 years of owning him and actively using him in RP. I was hoping I could request my Dragon; Fo Viing. Here's a couple refs! www.furaffinity.net: Fo Viing - OC COMMISSION FROM ANOTHER ARTIST. by...
  2. Blaruu

    Head bust art trades (OPEN AGAIN!)

    Cause hell I suck at doing full bodies but I can do head busts til hell freezes over. Looking to take on some art trades! Artistic level must be at my own or above. Images of my side of the trade will not be given until the other party has shown they have done their side. Sorry, buds, but I've...
  3. Blaruu

    $12 head bust commissions! (OPEN 2/5 slots)

    Heya! I'm taking on commissions right now to pay for day to day bits and food! My season work is down right now so I just need a little something to tie me over c: All head busts are at a fixed $12 price! Paypal only pretty please. Further commission information: Commission Info for Blaruu...