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  1. Nemnth

    Welcome To the Dungeon(s And Dragons)!

    I had an idea, why don't we play a little forum game version of Dungeons and Dragons? (Sorry if this isn't the right place, just throw the thread somewhere else if it isn't, this is a game so I thought it might go here!) I'll be the DM or the Dungeon Master. Whatever I say, goes. I'll be...
  2. Nemnth

    Humans will become obsolete

    Hi guys, I've recently stumbled upon a very interesting video discussing how technology these days is quickly eclipsing anything any of us can do. It talks about how any position in the work force is at danger, even programming ones as robots can be programmed to program themselves. It also...
  3. Nemnth

    The Vending Machine 2000

    Welcome! I thought we needed another forum game and it seems like we've haven't done this one here, so lets change that! The vending machine game works simple: You put in a quarter and then the next user gives a reply deciding what happens to the person above and then puts in another quarter...
  4. Nemnth

    Hey guys!

    Hey guys, I haven't really been on the forums, decided to take a look and join. I've had my FA for a while, but I never did anything on the forums until now!~ Also, my fursona is a dragon, as shown by my picture x3 Not very much about me besides that I love playing DotA 2 and making videos from...
  5. Nemnth

    Need Ac 2016 roomies

    EDIT: I have found people to room so this is now closed! _____________________________ This is my first time posting here so excuse me if I'm doing this wrong. I have a room available for the July 1st thru July 3rd in the DoubleTree Inn. There will be 2 standard beds, and the room is a...