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  1. Saintversa

    hi my name is saint ^^"

    Iv'e been drawing anthro art since about 2008 and iv'e made my account on FA like two years ago but i never kept up with it, it was just blank for awhile until now. I mainly use Deviantart http://saintversa.deviantart.com/ but now i'm trying to expand out and get my art out there so more...
  2. Saintversa

    Threadless Contest

    hey ladies and gentlemen, i was wondering if i could get some help from everyone if you would be so kind, me and my friends just submitted our design to a contest and the person with the most votes gets cash prize which were in desperate need of, were trying to start our own business.. the shirt...
  3. Saintversa

    Baby Raccoon: HELP!

    i have good news.. I SAVED ONE! :) but the other two babys are dead.. they ate insulation. =/ the father had just left them and i heard one of them crying this morning and went up there as fast as i could, i had to break some of roof to get to it though.. XP but here she is! my...
  4. Saintversa

    raccoon problems.

    well i posted a thread a while ago talking about monsters in my attic.. it turns out theres a family of raccoons living up there and this is the mom sad thing is she passed away last night. and the babys are still in the attic along with the father which is going ape shit and digging into...
  5. Saintversa

    anyone down for some..?

    red dead redemption undead nightmare for the 360? my username is saintversa92
  6. Saintversa

    HELP: attic monster

    allright first of all its been a while since ive been on the forums.. happy b-day to me, merry christmas to all of you and happy new years.. ok moving on. so im staying at my friends grandmothers house cause shes renting the house to us, and last night my friend calls me into the room and...
  7. Saintversa

    need some opinions

    i just recently played some arcade on xbox live and i fell in love with it, not alot of people have made fan art of it either.. XP but i did, and i wanna know what others think the game is called the dishwasher dead samurai i drew it on DA's muro...
  8. Saintversa

    The Walking Dead

    Alright so i saw the first episode last night, has anyone els seen this master piece? its actually pretty amazing. what did you all think? if you haven't heard of the show yet then heres the site. http://www.amctv.com/originals/The-Walking-Dead/
  9. Saintversa

    Tail help

    i currently do not own my own tail yet, and i have a friend nice enough to make me one cause apparently shes legit at sewing. but shes asking me for like.. a blue print of a tail? or a tutorial for making a fur tail, tried youtube and couldnt find any good ones, can anyone help me out? and...
  10. Saintversa

    clean your balls

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0AlcVU-de4&feature=player_embedded#! this.
  11. Saintversa

    i accidentally...

    think i just started a meme.. i posted this.. then some anons posted things like these.. hehe..
  12. Saintversa

    gears of war tribute

    im not a super huge fan of gears of war, thought it was pretty lame at the beginning but then the story started getting really good... one of my friends sent this to me and i wanted share since gears of war 3 is coming out soon...
  13. Saintversa

    deviant art

    i have all my art and some pics of myself up on my DA if you have a DA please feel free to swing an add my way, im in need of some help or opinions and also i have little active people on there.. http://saintversa.deviantart.com/ so post your DA and il add you. :3
  14. Saintversa

    Lucid dreaming

    im gonna skip the part where i explain how to do this but if you already know what lucid dreaming is then good job. i wrote this for my DA journal a while ago and thought id share with you all.. (dont rage over spelling..) in my dream i was in my neighborhood, and i was testing myself to see...
  15. Saintversa

    ouch. =P

    ive never had this happen before but, i was sparing with a friend of mine and i punch him in the elbow and missing and ended up jamming my thumb.. the feeling is started to piss me off.. what do?
  16. Saintversa

    Saddest movies, or movies that made you cry

    saddest movies ive seen? cried when i saw all dogs go to heaven.. i was little!. XP
  17. Saintversa

    anyone know music like this..?

    im looking for songs that sound like the music from games like fallout 3 and bioshock. i love old music like that but i can never find any. D: helpz much?
  18. Saintversa

    need feed back on my latest pic

    thats my oc, condemned bloodshot style. ive been wanting to do it for a while now and i finally got around too it, my origional sketch is up on my deviant art http://saintversa.deviantart.com/ i did this whole thing with just a mouse, what do you think? and i know its my avatar haha i...
  19. Saintversa

    buying a tablet, need help'z.

    im tired sick of using my mouse to paint or line my art.. i need a tablet. =P any recommendation's..? and im not looking for anything fancy.. (expensive) its mah first one. ;3
  20. Saintversa

    Hey there.. ^^''

    ermm i just joined a few weeks ago... so hai i guess? ^^ and if anyone has a DA, add me :3 http://saintversa.deviantart.com/