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  1. the-little-animals

    (Commission) Selling: ★[$5-$40+] Taking Digital Art Commissions! Character Design, FanArt or OCs!★

    ✨Commissions are open!✨ will draw- ocs/humans/furries/robots/anything just ask! wont draw- NSFW, kinks, gore (except candy gore) Shoot me a Note with a brief description of what you want at My furaffinity. I’ll draw mostly anything, so don’t be afraid to ask! I do payment up-front via Paypal...
  2. the-little-animals

    ★Art Commissions ★

    Hello Everyone! First off I have to say that all the money I get with these commissions, I will use it for my pets, since I want to buy them more toys and other things. So I open commissions to collect the money I need, I would love if you guys can help me in any way. Right now Im saving for a...