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  1. DrGravitas

    Which Face Do You Prefer?

    Please do ignore the coloring, it was chosen to better highlight contours and clarify facial features. Sorry for the generally ugly colors/layout. Click images for full-size. Choice A: Choice B: Choice C:
  2. DrGravitas

    Anybody play Factorio?

    I love this game! It's like Simcity meets Dr. Robotnik! Except your industrial expansion is being thwarted by zerg-like insects, rather than furry woodland creatures with attitude. Never heard of it? Then check out their website and trailer! It can probably illustrate things better than I can...
  3. DrGravitas

    Requesting a Proportion check on a 3D Model

    Edit3: NEW! Face-specific rolling update image! Like the other rolling update image, this linked image will update each time a set of changes are introduced. The face rolling update is split in half, with the previous update on the left and the most recent iteration on the right. (v.3 current...