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  1. twistedfayt

    SFW or NSFW Art of a Female Couple

    I recently won two girls in an auction on FA and was hoping to get some art of them. I have about $100 to spare so I'm looking to get between 1-3 pieces of them. I do want the art to have them both included in the pictures though so I don't want them in separate pieces. Here are their ref...
  2. twistedfayt

    NSFW Complex Ref Sheet Commission

    I'd like to make some much needed adjustments to my primary fursona, Fayt. I have gone through some personal changes during my time having her the way she is and I would like to change her accordingly to better match myself now. She does have a lot of colors so I can understand why she can be...
  3. twistedfayt

    Reference Sheet + Artwork Needed

    This is for http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kryph/ since he doesn't have a computer and does everything on his phone. I posted this once before along with other pictures I needed done but I only had enough to cover the other pictures I wanted. Now we have more money to pay for these as well. ^^...
  4. twistedfayt

    Full Color Artwork Pieces Wanted~

    Hello~ ^^ Here are reference pictures for the following commission requests: Fayt (she needs to be updated. She is actually supposed to currently have grey eyes and the white markings around her eyes in the second pic are supposed to be like the reference sheet where it is a music note of two...
  5. twistedfayt

    Help with Finding a Good Dive Suit/Skin Suit/Under Armour + Balaclava

    Hi everyone. I'm looking around for a good dive suit that will work well to wick away sweat and prevent me form passing out in the heat next week at Fanime. However, I don't know if this dive suit is a good choice or not seeing as it says that it's a dive suit in the description but sometimes I...
  6. twistedfayt

    Speakers in the Ears of my Fursuit?

    Hi all. So please remember that this suit has not been made yet as I just purchased this character today but I can't quite figure out how to have her tail and her speakers made. Here is a picture of my new character: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8395832/ She is a rabbit breed known as a...
  7. twistedfayt

    Artist Needed to Draw my Fursona

    Hi I was wondering if I could find someone willing to draw my fox fursona for me. I need a full bodied picture in color but it can be with pen and colored pencils, digital, etc as long as I have a very detailed reference to have it used for other things. ^^ She would stand between 5'0"-5'3...