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  1. Vitamin B12

    Snacks You Like That Horrify Everyone Else

    I'll go first: I like a good mayonnaise sandwich. Slice of bread, cover it in mayo, fold in half, eat. Mmmm
  2. Vitamin B12

    CS:GO anyone?

    In these trying times of stay at home I find myself playing far, far too much video game. The sandpaper of random players and the chaos of shifting between multiple personalities is like rubbing a cheese grater on my brain. I was wondering if there were any furry friends out there who play CS:GO...
  3. Vitamin B12

    Cons Fun By Yourself?

    Heyo there furry community. I'm new to the fandom, but I really want to get engaged with it. Since I live nearby, I'm thinking about going to Denfur this summer (assuming it doesn't get cancelled?) for maybe a day or two. However, I don't have any furry friends to go with, it would just be me...
  4. Vitamin B12

    Its Dark In Here...

    Here as in the closet. I've been watching you all from inside, and decided to poke my nose out and see whats going on! I've been interested in the fandom for a while, but only recently have I decided to get engaged. I'd show you my artwork, but its all on paper, not this fancy digital stuff...