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  1. Magikian

    Metal is probably the worst music genre out of all.

    Think about it. A huge emphasis on electric guitar, completely retarded fanbase spanning almost every sub-genre and a horrible stigma. What the hell is there to like about it? Why in god's name do I love it so?
  2. Magikian

    I'm back.

    I'm back to put it in motion I'm back to tell you no lies Sit back and sip on this notion I'm back to put it in drive I'm back watch out I'm back What ya gonna do I'm back to cause a commotion I'm back to demoralize Sit back and feel the emotion I'm back to keep it alive I'm back watch out I'm...
  3. Magikian

    World at War.

    Anyone play it here? And if you do, what are your favourite weapon/mod/perk combinations? Personally, I love using the Kar98K with a bayonet, bandolier/bombsquad, double tap and steady aim, absolute killer in any HC server.
  4. Magikian


    LOL That is all.
  5. Magikian

    hai any furies from the pacific ocean?

    hi i am magikian a furrie who lives in the pacific ocean. i live on a nuclear submarine that my dad got me but i hate him b/c he doesnt like furry. ILU RATTE i want to hear about more furries in the pacific ocean b/c i am one and would like to meet more
  6. Magikian

    I... I'm leaving.

    I have had enough of you all and your hate of myself. Lol, joking, <3 you all. I know that you all hate me, and secretly wish for my bloody and torturous demise. newfags cant white text I will not be coming back. Ever. If anyone from here tries to contact me over MSN, I will block them...
  7. Magikian

    Well fuck...

    108 dead in bushfires extremely close to where I am. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/744864/at-least-93-dead-in-victorian-bushfires/?rss=yes Apparently the worst natural disaster to happen in Australia. And the death toll isn't expected to stop just yet, either. EDIT: It's up at 130 now...
  8. Magikian

    Fallout 3.

    Ok, now that it's been out for a while, and people have had a chance to get over the hype/play it even though it's not like the past 2, what does everyone think of it? I personally think its a good game, a great time-killer. As to what I think of it against the way the other two are made, I...
  9. Magikian

    MySims Kingdom.

    Holy crap is this game fun. My sister got it for christmas, and I decided to break out the Wii and play it. Feel free to call me easily amused or something.
  10. Magikian

    I was wondering.

    Does anyone else laugh, or even just giggle a little at the 'User CP' button up the top, or am I just an immature dumbfuck? (Yes, I know that 'CP' stands for 'Control Panel')
  11. Magikian

    Holy shit.

    I found 10 cents in my pocket. 10 FUCKING CENTS. Just thought you'd like to know.
  12. Magikian

    Food hates?

    What food do ya hate/dislike? I can't fucking stand seafood. At all. Makes me gag when its near me, and nearly puke if it goes in my mouth.
  13. Magikian


    Alright, first things first, this ain't emo whinging. My parents are awesome compared to some that I hear of. Now, onto what I was making the thread about; Your parents. Are they nice, loving people that care for you and your needs, or are they mean assholes that want you to be the way they...
  14. Magikian

    Your fursona ever changed?

    Ok, anyone here changed their fursona? I can think of three ways that mine has changed, but his look hasn't changed.
  15. Magikian

    Seizure Puppy.

    This is, by no means, an attack on him, but what do you think of him?
  16. Magikian

    An absolute abomination of a song.

    Ok, I know music is a matter of opinion, but this is just... indescribably horrible. Never Gonna Give You Up by Ashley FUCKING Tisdale... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ceukjOzxZM
  17. Magikian

    Another one..

    This is a hard one to explain, but I had a dream recently about me and my fursona fighting. I'm guessing that this means something and I am reinventing my fursona (for the 3rd time :3) Name: Magikian Species: Fox Temperament: He is generally an easy-going, witty fox, but his attitude can change...
  18. Magikian

    Vampire attack.

    Ok, because of the "Zombie Survival" threads that have popped up recently, I've been thinking. What would you do if vampires began to hide among us and killed us off one-by-one? I personally would become one. No freakin' doubt.
  19. Magikian

    Music and emotions.

    What emotions do you find translate well into music? Personally, my main one would be anger, for I can fuck around on the bass when I'm pissed off and it generally influences my better basslines.
  20. Magikian

    My fursona...

    I have posted one a little while ago, but looking back at it, I didn't really like him... I decided to change a few things about him, but not what he looks like. Name: Magikian (Real name is Burakku Senkofuma (Black Immortal)) Species: Fox. Temperament: He is generally easy going, always...