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  1. Fenrir Likan

    Requesting a drawing

    Ello! I was wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to do a free drawing of my fursona for me? I do have a ref sheet now. Thanks!!
  2. Fenrir Likan

    Does anyone read the signatures?

    I need to know this so people don't get the wrong idea about me....
  3. Fenrir Likan

    Looking for an artist to do a drawing of my fursona

    Hey guys! Please help!! I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find an artist to do a drawing of my fursona. It would have to be free.. Sorry I'm extremely broke rn.....
  4. Fenrir Likan

    Hi... I'm just looking for some canine fwends.... :)

    Umm, hi. As I said before, I'm looking for some wolfo fwends. *ears twitch* I'm a female anthro by the name of Fenrir Likan. I hope I can find some peeps.... Likes: -cooking -drawing -reading -black Dislikes: -fakes -ex-boyfriends -pink Thanks for reading... EDIT: please read my signature, if...