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  1. crystallinecanine

    Fursuit renovation!?

    what type of renovations are you looking to have done? I've refurbished many suits and I even have done full face replacement.
  2. crystallinecanine

    Is it *hard* to get a fursuit?

    I'd definitely suggest looking at smaller makers, "indie fursuit makers" so to speak! There's lots of unique and talented makers, you just have to know where to find them.
  3. crystallinecanine

    Relatively cheap sources of 'fur'?

    Bigzfabric.com always has lower prices and good quality. The eco-shag costs about 18.99 a yard and I believe they have fur starting at 15.99 per yard!
  4. crystallinecanine

    Bat wings

    Ooh, I make bat wings! If I ever get around to making a tutorial on them, I know exactly where to post it at! :)
  5. crystallinecanine

    Busy busy busy!

    Busy busy busy!
  6. crystallinecanine

    Mattress foam for head base?

    I wouldn't use any kind of mattress/couch cushion as building materials for a fursuit head. Just because there's been so much people getting up and down, doing who knows what... You could use it for the digigrade padding, but for the head it's better to start from scratch from fresh unused foam...
  7. crystallinecanine

    Raptor Fursuit Head: details and process

    This is really amazing! I actually am in the process of making a raptor suit as well, but in a toony style. I've got everything down pat except for how I want to do the back of the head/what fabric I want to use. Your method for doing folds is very smart and a great idea! Would it be possible to...
  8. crystallinecanine

    Glasses Design for Fursuits

    No problem! Another thing I forgot, you're going to have to fashion some glasses holders or employ some very strong magnets (that's if you're comfortable with fixing up your fursuit) Since I make fursuits, it less unnerving for me to cut a hole in her head and install some magnets, but it's...
  9. crystallinecanine

    Glasses Design for Fursuits

    There are the huge party glasses you can buy and spraypaint to fit the color. There are some people that make them with magnets and felt, but I've bought and painted two pair of party glasses for my character. I've inserted a picture of my suit and her glasses! You can order them from Amazon...
  10. crystallinecanine

    How much fur do I need?

    If you know what you're doing (meaning if you know that no fur will go to waste/no mistakes) then you could get one yard of each! If you're not comfortable with cutting it close, 2 yards of the toffee and one yard of black will be more than enough. ^^ Happy making!
  11. crystallinecanine

    Tail filled with... what?

    Honestly foam or stuffing is your best bet when it comes to durability, weight, and aesthetics. Any packing peanut filled tails run the risk of being crushed (loss of shape) and you can't wash a tail with styrofoam in it (possible disintegration).
  12. crystallinecanine

    How much does it cost to make a fursuit head/partial and other questions

    I have a good method for making the inside of heads roomier (because I cannot stand anything touching my face when I suit).
  13. crystallinecanine

    Can a fursuit expert answer some q's for me?

    I'm no expert,but I have been doing fursuit commissions for a couple of years now so I may be able to answer some questions for you! ^^
  14. crystallinecanine

    Does Anyone Know A Half Suit Maker?

    Thank you! I do hope that I get to make something for you ^^
  15. crystallinecanine

    Does Anyone Know A Half Suit Maker?

    I offer legs! I would love to get the chance to do more legs as commissions, and my commissions open back up in April. My prices can be found on my site: www.inajiffy-creations.weebly.com Unfortunately on my site, I don't have any picture examples of my legs, but on my instagram I do...
  16. crystallinecanine

    Curving a hole in foam

    Personally, I build my heads with a fleece/spandex balaclava that I sew myself. This way, its very expendable and I don't feel bad if I have to cut a part out. I would cut out the eye socket vents after the base is finished. ^^
  17. crystallinecanine

    Cheap German shepherd half suit! SOLD

    I did say that is was an older suit. :3 I know. :3
  18. crystallinecanine

    Cheap German shepherd half suit! SOLD

    I did not realize these images were gonna be so huge XD
  19. crystallinecanine

    Cheap German shepherd half suit! SOLD

    Taking offers on a german shepherd half suit I made in May 2017. It is an older suit of mine, but it's still great quality! I really would like to sell it as quick as possible, so any offers will be considered. Has been worn for a small con but has been fully cleaned and stored. Any offers...
  20. crystallinecanine

    I just want a pursuit partial.

    If you go the cheapest you can find, you're most likely not going to get quality. Very rarely you could find a maker who is severely undercharging, but it'd be better to just save your money and get a good head. Popular makers prices are always high, so consider commissioning from a lesser known...