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  1. Lunneus

    (Commission) Selling: Open for all commission types! Furry, Humanoids, and Monsters! ($10-$65 base price)

    Hello hello! I'm Lunney, or Kay and I'm here for all your commissioning needs ✨ I specialize in Furries(Anthros), Ferals, and Monsters, but I can also draw human characters! Terms of Service The Boring stuff, I know i know but this is for you and me! You can view the TOS in full >Here< It's...
  2. Lunneus

    About coming out/transitioning

    This is pretty long, just sayin lol, there's a tldr at the bottom. So, i've been on the fence about my gender for like.. 11 years. I've never felt quite right being female but i've never really done much about it outside of online presence. and maybe that's why i've let it go on irl for so...
  3. Lunneus

    Pokemon Sword/Shield Trading Thread!

    I guess this is an okay place to put it? I'm not sure where else it'd go! I figured it'd be cool to do some trading over here, help people complete their dex as much as they can. So, post any trades you want or are looking for and then PM Link Code to each other so you don't get someone...
  4. Lunneus

    What gets your attention for adopts?

    Do you like adopts that are fully rendered? Flat? Unique design? Shows a front&back? Low price? What catches your eye about them! Personally, I like unique designs that use a small color palette. That probably comes from a artist perspective of having to go back and pick a lotta colors lol I'm...
  5. Lunneus

    Give a weird random fact about yourself!

    pretty self explanatory, whatever weird fact you feel like sharing! could be just one, could be multiple. maybe there's a story behind this fact too, feel free to share that too if you want! lessa go, i'll start; I am literally physically incapable of biting my nails due to my front teeth not...
  6. Lunneus

    Critique: Monster Suit Progress

    This a suit of my character Malek > www.furaffinity.net: Monster Malek by Lunneus It's coming along pretty well! the only parts actually glued are the foam at the very top of the head and the lower jaw (it's a talk jaw), everything else is being temporarily held by T-pins. I'm not entirely sure...
  7. Lunneus

    So I'm really proud of this species

    I make a lot of them all the time but i'm just really proud of this one in particular so i'm gonna share it! in spoiler cause they're kinda large-ish potential tw for non-graphic scratches Not sure if i'll keep the blood evaporation, but still happy with them overall!
  8. Lunneus

    Diving into suit making, any advice?

    Yeah, that's a thing i'm doing. I'm going to be making a 3/4 suit (head, arm sleeves, digi legs, and tail) of this guy: it's going to be a toony foam head and i'm following some of Mugiwara's tutorials for that and the arms, and Sparky's tutorial for the legs, but i'm running into some...
  9. Lunneus

    Hai, Hello there c:

    I finally got around to flopping on over here to the forums. I've been on FA for a little less than three years, hah. So yeah, nice to meet everyone :3