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  1. MadManx

    Scammer Saturdays/Sundays - Free Art to victims of Scammer

    I've been needing to do this for a super long time HOWEVER, I am providing FREE ART to those who have been scammed! As someone who believes in lawful services its EXTREMELY TROUBLING TO SEE MANY PEOPLE OUT HERE GET SCAMMED - it doesnt make sense for artists of all forms to simply not keep tabs...
  2. MadManx

    Sketchbook: Pokemon Drawing suggestions

    I enjoy practicing drawing on a daily. I drew a Wooloo yesterday for an overall texture practice as well as enjoying a simple design.... give me more pokemon to draw !!! <3
  3. MadManx

    Never got to introduce myself !! Im---

    Im Starry! Im a 2d artist as well as learning 3d! Soon to be dipping my toes into animation haha Ive owned my fursona since the 7th grade and i still proudly have them ! they're design is improved how it is now.... but with former ideas of their previous design WHICH IS WHY I LOVE THEM SO MUCH...
  4. MadManx

    Tell me something good that happened today!

    Spread some positivity! Even if its small... its still something! Let others know.... maybe that positivity will spread to them too!
  5. MadManx

    Starry's Simple Headshots $5 USD

    Im currently offering headshots for $5 USD ! My user on FA is Userpage of StarryBadWolf -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Im willing to do any speices, furry, robot, or human its a free for all for me! Extra characters are plus $5 each character These headshots are made on a 500x500 canvas The...
  6. MadManx

    Some art i need to upload since the site is down

    Most of these are for artfights and then some of these are commissions. i never post on forums at all so ! i guess its time for me to meet new people in this community!! (ill rarely ever do a lineless but)