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  1. Maxwell _The Folf

    Any furs in Michigan

    i want more fur in my life
  2. Maxwell _The Folf

    How is every one ?

    how is every one doing
  3. Maxwell _The Folf

    who wants to hang out

    does anyone just want to hang out? and talk about tech and shit?
  4. Maxwell _The Folf

    Does the perfect mate exist?

    my name is maxwell and i have been trying to find the perfect mate the is a nerd like me that has alot of stuff to talk about and little time to do so
  5. Maxwell _The Folf

    join my discord SEMPIE

  6. Maxwell _The Folf

    does any one live near me?

    im starting at this new school i have no buddys here does anyone live near Cadillac mi?
  7. Maxwell _The Folf

    Does any one also use this

    does any one use DISCORD if so do you like it
  8. Maxwell _The Folf

    I need a CO host

    i stream almost every night i need a co host to read the news with me or just to hang out with me needs to know alot about computers
  9. Maxwell _The Folf

    finding furrys in my town

    hi i moved to a new town and i was wondering is there any furrys in my town Cadillac Michigan
  10. Maxwell _The Folf


    so a girl that i have loved for 7 years she loved me back off and on and we had fun sexuality she just told me that she dont think of me as a "sufficient other or mate" i need help to get over it does anyone know how?
  11. Maxwell _The Folf

    looking for furrys to talk about and a play games with

    i love talking about computers and audio stuffz if you ever want to play games or talk about tech Tonystark_1970]
  12. Maxwell _The Folf


    watch me plz
  13. Maxwell _The Folf

    Looking for a RP three Way Partner

    Looking for a dom
  14. Maxwell _The Folf

    I just watch zootopia I want more

    So I just watched zootopia and the movie was wonderful but does anyone know any movies or TV shows as good as zootopia... Thanks
  15. Maxwell _The Folf

    Hi I got a Telegram

    @Maxwell_The_Furry add me I want to talk to more furrys
  16. Maxwell _The Folf

    Any Dom females who want a sub Folf?

    I need a Dom female to tell me what to do
  17. Maxwell _The Folf

    My kik camer18

    Talk to me ^^ also my Skype cameron564321
  18. Maxwell _The Folf

    Can you do a poll for me Windows 7 vs 10

    I want to know if i should Upgrade my servers and my Main gaming pc to windows 10 or stay on windows 7 This is Where you go to do the Poll-------- www.poll-maker.com: Have your say: Windows 7 VS Windows 10 a
  19. Maxwell _The Folf

    I am looking For some Furry friends

    I am am Looking For Some Furry friends Gaming Pals or Not My Skype is cameron564321