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  1. BlackDragonAJ89

    Thanks... Honestly I forgot about the forums. Still creating artwork though... Although it's...

    Thanks... Honestly I forgot about the forums. Still creating artwork though... Although it's just getting reckless. =/
  2. BlackDragonAJ89

    What is your sound?

    Outside of normal human sounds...
  3. BlackDragonAJ89

    Why do trolls hate us ?

    Back when this thread was first started, I would have told you that it was a cross between all the weird-ass fetishes from most anime places coming into the fandom and the general thin-skin nature of most furries that make them such easy targets to troll. However, in this day and age, people who...
  4. BlackDragonAJ89

    Complete Noob. How did YOU choose your Fursona?

    Personally as someone who's never really satisfied with any particular species, but certainly has a look/aesthetic nailed down, I'd argue to not worry so much about what species to pick right away as opposed to figuring out what you want to generally present yourself as and what is "your thing"...
  5. BlackDragonAJ89


  6. BlackDragonAJ89

    I see. =] Anyway, can't attest to real life bulkiness, but here's my sona for your viewing...

    I see. =] Anyway, can't attest to real life bulkiness, but here's my sona for your viewing: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38545577/
  7. BlackDragonAJ89

    Just giving a shout to another chunky fur (found you on "Looking for Fatty friends" discussion)...

    Just giving a shout to another chunky fur (found you on "Looking for Fatty friends" discussion). Hope your day isn't as busy and hectic as mine is!
  8. BlackDragonAJ89

    Hello there!

    Hello there!
  9. BlackDragonAJ89

    What type are you attracted to?

    Bisex-Wait that's not allowed, isn't it? We're only allowed STRAIGHT or GAY apparently. As for preference, I could sum it up as "A woman who can catch and wrestle her prey, and is capable of eating it too. She is both fat and fit, sturdy and soft, and will let nothing stand in her way." But...
  10. BlackDragonAJ89

    'Sonas, self-inserts, and identity in general - How much of YOU is furry?

    Remember kids, the 4chan chuds who spend more time searching for cringe are the ones who actually have no life outside of the internet vs. those who "make the cringe". Once you realize this and don't try to make an ass out of yourself, you'll tend to do just fine no matter what. Honestly these...
  11. BlackDragonAJ89

    At what age are you considered a greymuzzle?

    If we're going by numbers, I'd honestly put "graymuzzles" at about 55+ range. Generally people who are older than the fandom itself (although not older than anthropomorphic stories/characters themselves, unless you're some kind of immortal). However, if we're going by attitudes and views, it's...
  12. BlackDragonAJ89

    Artie's Aclove of Art

    Seeing that the forums are back up, I think it's time for a little update! I've been rather busy with stuff, so I'll only show off the stuff I really like that I've done...
  13. BlackDragonAJ89

    What was your old sona?

    Well let's see, I've been several things over the years. Earlier this year I was really going through some rough times trying to figure out what species I wanted to be (Covid didn't help these matters either, nor did moving again). Anyway, here's a complete list of all the species I've been...
  14. BlackDragonAJ89

    How in the frak do protogen eat?

    Through a tube...
  15. BlackDragonAJ89

    Giant cat carved into Nazca Line

    They were impressed by the big cats they saw, and thus, they drew an even bigger cat of their own...
  16. BlackDragonAJ89

    Is Your Fursona a Character?

    If by self-insert or author avatar, then yes, my fursona is a character.
  17. BlackDragonAJ89

    Are you worried you might, with time, grow out of your fursona/character?

    If I were to count species, then I've gone through so many things that it really doesn't matter anymore what I am in terms of species. Lately I've been drawing myself as some sort of snake or eastern dragon, simple because I can't figure out what I really want to be species wise. However, if I...
  18. BlackDragonAJ89

    Do furries really hate anime/manga and anime/manga styled stuff?

    I think the only way to really get under everyone's skin here is to say you just don't like cartoons, whether it be anime, western, all other eastern animation, that blasted house of mouse, or some stuff you watched on Saturday mornings. As much we draw furry characters, some of us just don't...
  19. BlackDragonAJ89

    Is the only way to gain attention in the fandom is draw NSFW?

    Yesh, I could have responded to this sooner if I wasn't working, but... I understand that when it comes to fetish art, the sex-crazed guys are gonna come out of the woodwork; it's a part of the territory. But after drawing in general for most of my life and having a major online presence for...
  20. BlackDragonAJ89

    Show me your female characters!

    I hope you don't mind fat girls, I really love them... These are just a handful. I have a few others and there's some more pictures of these characters, but I picked the ones I felt were best.