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  1. *Insert Clever Name

    [POLL] Do you have Furry Amino

    Just signed up today and was wandering if anyone else has it and what your username is if you do.
  2. *Insert Clever Name

    [POLL] Are you a Therian/Otherkin?

    Just curious. Please answer honestly; there is no reason to lie on an anonymous poll.
  3. *Insert Clever Name

    Any red pandas here?

    Just a quick shout out to ma peoples #RedPandaMasterRace
  4. *Insert Clever Name

    What's the general area you are located in?

    Don't feel like you have to give any specifics, just wondering the general area you live in. I myself live in central Illinois, USA, in case you are wandering.
  5. *Insert Clever Name

    Fursona Stereotypes

    What stereotypes are there for different fursonas?
  6. *Insert Clever Name

    Furry Youtubers?

    Hey there! So I have been a part of this fandom for while now, but I'm surprised at the lack of good quality furry youtubers (or video makers at all). So, my question is: Do you know of any good furry YouTubers/video makers??? Help is much appreachiated!