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  1. Joey

    So my fursuit arrived a couple weeks ago!

    Since embedding photos is really awkward here, I'm just going to post a link to my twitter. There's lots of pics there. Feel free to follow if you want. :) https://twitter.com/joey_coyote
  2. Joey

    So yeah, duct tape dummies are hard to make...

    So I sent out a DTD out a while back and I get an email from my maker saying that it's not constructed quite right and that I'd need to send out another one. Specifically, the armpit area, which was curved and all wrong because of how the coveralls stretched out when I made it. Entirely my...
  3. Joey

    So my fursuit is finally gonna be made next month.

    Pretty excited!! If they start in early April I suppose it'll be done in mid-late May or so. I paid it off in October so it's been half a year since... So glad my commission slot is finally up. :p
  4. Joey

    So I discovered F-List yesterday!

    It's just hilariously bad. Why haven't I heard about this before? Do we really need a website where you can talk about your fursona/"original character" AND list all your/his fetishes at the same time, right down to the very last detail? Is that really important? Gee, thanks for letting me know...
  5. Joey

    Some fursuiters dancing very badly to an absolutely terrible cover of Single Ladies..

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this but I found this gem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPM2U55bUkw I literally couldn't make it past the 2 second mark. Not the original video, but at least you can rate/post comments on this one.
  6. Joey

    I'm gonna be a tall blue coyote!

    I got a commission slot in with Twinky Arts and will be giving them artistic freedom for a plantigrade fullsuit. I gave them a color scheme (2 different shades of blue, plus white and black) and a species (coyote) so we'll see where this goes! It's still unclear whether or not I have a...
  7. Joey

    Welp, I was wrong.

    Here's the deal: Back in 2009-2011, I hated furries. Like unnecessarily so. I felt like I was way too cool for "all those losers" even though we have that same odd interest in common. I already had "left" the fandom when I was 18... So I didn't need them, right? Too much porn, too many weirdos...
  8. Joey

    Most attractive Pokemon?

    Just kidding lol. Or am I?
  9. Joey

    Ylvis - The Fox

    I hate it so much for some reason.
  10. Joey

    Did you ever deny your furriness?

    I know this is a stupid question since yeah, everybody knows it's just a hobby, but what was your first impression of anthro related stuff as an adult? Did it take a while to "let" yourself get involved with it? Did you ever deny you liked it? For some furs, it just becomes a thing and that's...
  11. Joey

    Hey, is there anything like FA...

    Where I can see "recent artwork" pop up without one million fetishes and/or shitty artwork being forced down my throat, even when SFW is on? I mean seriously. Like, it's been getting pretty difficult for me to just ignore FA's shortcomings and follow artists that I like because it seems as...
  12. Joey

    Sega Seeking New Mascot Since Sonic Has Been Ruined By Fans

    hahaha disregard that
  13. Joey

    So I have this idea for a website...

    How do I describe this... Imagine a furry oriented social/art site (or a chan/bbs site, I don't know) where there would be little to no tolerance for all of the things we generally complain about here. And you could say literally whatever you want about anyone and not have to worry about getting...
  14. Joey

    Esteban Winsmore's Big Furry Adventure (Second Life)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHo_jqf_nyU This is hilarious. Pretty good example of why I absolutely despise Second Life. -Well, unless someone is in there to make fun of it.
  15. Joey

    Will I get picked on for wearing an ED shirt to my first con?

    I'm dead serious, lol. I'm going to Califur 2013. I've always wanted to do that just to see if anyone would notice.
  16. Joey

    Furry Heaven

    What would furry heaven be like? :v
  17. Joey

    If the fandom as a whole were more like FA forums...

    Don't know about everyone else, but I'd be pretty happy with that. How about you?
  18. Joey

    So foxes are sluts?

    Just thought that's kind of lame.
  19. Joey

    "Gay furry pride"

    I'll never get sick of gay pride in any way, but people going on about "gay furry pride" is absolutely ridiculous. I see it everywhere. As far as furriness is concerned, there's nothing to be proud of... You're part of a mediocre fandom. Woop de fucking do! If anything, there should be straight...
  20. Joey

    Got a new decoration for my room.

    I'm not sure what I'm doing either.