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  1. F.lee_art

    Art Trade: Sona art trade? I need more practice lol

    Reply in the thread if you're interested, I'll pick one or two people to trade with! My sketchbook --> https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/flees-sketchbook-and-mini-comics.1669280/post-7087622
  2. F.lee_art

    Sketchbook: Flees sketchbook!! (And mini comics)

    I draw thangs
  3. F.lee_art

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Mythical creature Adopts! 15$+ OPEN

    Hello! I’m selling some mythical creature adoptable designs! These guys have their prices listed and are numbered, first come first serve. For an extra 10$ I’ll make you a new outfit to go with them! Comment, dm me or send an email to F.lee.artwork@gmail.com if you want to purchase one of these...
  4. F.lee_art

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions!! (5$-100$+)

    I am broke, so here's my commission info! Commission sheet and examples below, my email is f.lee.artwork@gmail.com
  5. F.lee_art

    Free Art: Requests anyone?

    I'll pick like 2-3 people to do some practice requests for, I'd like to have more examples of furry artwork specifically to show for commissions. :)
  6. F.lee_art

    Does having a fursona make you a furry?

    It's something I've been curious to hear other people's opinions on, I personally have a sona, but don't understand much about the community. What makes you define yourself as a "furry"?
  7. F.lee_art

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions! 5$ and up

    I'm broke, and in need of some cash, so I'm offering commissions again! My portfolio is available on Instagram @f.lee_art and my preferred contact is via email f.lee.artwork@gmail.com Here is my updated commission sheet and some examples of my work. Not listed on the sheet would be icon...