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  1. galaxy-meow

    Festive YCH $15 flat price

    Paypal only! pictured is the mouse villager example. $15 flat price, includes color and light shading. choose between day or night background, villager base (cat, lion, dog, wolf, bird, eagle, etc. can also be your player character), clothing, and if you want text on the snow globe base...
  2. galaxy-meow

    Sailor & Alice Themed Adopts!+ Plushie version

    Can be canine or feline, male or female (whatever you want, idc) Paypal only. $60 for adopt and a plush version. Shipping not included in price. *NEW* Alice in Wonderland inspired. Floppy-eared bunny or pupper. Female/Male whatever. $60 for adopt and a plush version. Shipping not...
  3. galaxy-meow

    YCH Avatars & Full Body

    *NEW* Character: -Any gender, but outfit/body type won't be changed. -Any species -You can choose colors and patterns (if you want the clothing striped or polka dotted or anything) or leave it as the default shown colors -Will look like these when finished: www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Witches...
  4. galaxy-meow

    Resin Charms

    Digital Art + Resin = Resin Charm! I don't know the exact measurements since FA is down which is where I have that marked...but there's a Quarter in the image above for scale. Comes in 2 Variants: Feral (Foxy/Amaterasu) and Anthro (the two on the left side) *note: charms will have black joints...
  5. galaxy-meow

    in the arting mood [closed]

    first off, not drawing everyone. sometimes i feel like drawing different things, like bold digital colors or soft pastel watercolors or just pencil doodles. i'll update this post with what i'm currently in the mood for so you can tailor your post to suit what i'm looking for. and here's my fa to...
  6. galaxy-meow

    Custom Fursona Plushies

    Open for commission for custom character dolls. My turnaround time is typically less than week. I can also doodle up a mock-up for anyone who asks! Size: the base amigurumi dolls are handsized/5inches from the top of the head(not including ears) to the bottom of their feet. If they have a...
  7. galaxy-meow

    Multiple YCH List

    A single thread for all my available YCH's! They're all on page now--> https://www.furaffinity.net/view/17313578/ Chibi Crystalized Chibi Food
  8. galaxy-meow

    Pixel Icon

    I'm looking for a pixel icon! Something cute and fullbody if you can manage that. This is character I want it of https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16476625/ She can be put in different outfits too, just ask. Here's my gallery so you can see my quality...
  9. galaxy-meow

    Chibi YCH - Behind Glass theme $15 flat price

    Comment here or on the original Aside from the crystal, they're meant to be terrariums, so little plants and things will be added around the character! These will be done in watercolor. $15 flat rate. I don't have a laminator to make badges, but if you'd like I can still send you the original...
  10. galaxy-meow


    Official site: http://splatoon.nintendo.com/ Anyone super excited for this game like I am? Did anyone play the global tests the other day? How'd you do? Roller master-weapon(lol)? I wasn't too hyped on the game until I actually played the global test. I am so excited now. I can't wait to...
  11. galaxy-meow

    YCH - Magical Girl and Sleepy Time Cuddles - OPEN

    Two different YCH's! Magical girl ends March 14th, 11pm pst Payment via Paypal only sleepy time cuddles is over Magical girl has been extended Cheeb is unlimited slots Magical Girl - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/15856435/ and Partial body 3/4 Cheeb -...
  12. galaxy-meow

    Kawaii Pen Doodles

    I feel like drawing kawaii girlies in pen on the backs of old class handouts and stuff. Boys still welcome, but girls get a higher chance of being drawn. Leave a ref and a bit of personality so I can get a feel of how to depict them. If anyone feels like drawing something for me: Catsby- one /...
  13. galaxy-meow

    ACEO/ATC trade

    Anyone interested in trading traditional ACEO/ATCs? Like, straight up trade via snail-mail? I've got a bit of wall space that I feel needs filling. Drop a comment if you're up to it. Link to some samples too, if you've got any. I won't accept all trades, but you're welcome to trade with each...
  14. galaxy-meow


    Pen doodles. Homework is no fun. Looking for legit sources to answer questions is no fun. They will all be drawn on a single page. So when the page is full, I'll post it. Pen doodles. Refs. Go.
  15. galaxy-meow

    YCH - Flat Price $20 - 10 dif poses

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15038321/ 10 different poses. Flat Price: $20 each. Payment via paypal. Unlimited slots. Can be fur or humanoid.
  16. galaxy-meow

    Multiple Adoptables Sale!

    I've got quite a few adopts. Give them a lookie, please and thanks~ *TsuSun / TsuSunAdoptables is my deviantart account, hence the "tsusun" watermark. Auction: Harpy Boy Mermaid Flat Price: Kemonimi ( usamimi - 10.00 and inumimi - 5.00 ) Cat Hoods ( 3.00 each ) Lady Knight - topleft (...
  17. galaxy-meow

    from the galaxy-meow

    sketches from the galaxy, meow! ...haha... sketches, wips, or other artsy related things that aren't quite main gallery FA ready. To start things off, have a really tiny wip painting. it's going to go into that base. aaaaaaaand finished.
  18. galaxy-meow

    Sketchy-Sketch! Today only

    I feel like sketching. Hit me with your best shot. They will be clothed, so please have an idea of what you want them to wear. Won't draw everyone. I'm also open to art trades, just ask. Again, won't accept all of them. Name: Ref: Clothing: Pose: (not necessary, but if you have something in mind)
  19. galaxy-meow

    Digital + Traditional + Crochet!

    Hello! I'm offering commissions in all kinds of forms! Acrylic paintings on 5x7in canvas board of animal(feral?) busts. They are $40 a piece and include shipping within the US. I can ship outside the US for additional $$, the amount depends on location. I will send progress pictures along the...
  20. galaxy-meow

    5x7 Acrylic Paintings + Cute Scarves

    5x7 Acrylic Paintings + 4x6 Watercolor Paintings + Cute Scarves Hello! I'm offering traditional art commissions in two forms- Acrylic paintings on 5x7in canvas board of animal(feral?) busts. They are $40 a piece and include shipping within the US. I can ship outside the US for additional $$...