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  1. BlackDragonAJ89

    Ideas for a Comic

    I know that this is a place more geared for "Grown-Up" writing like novellas and short stories and not silly childish things as comics and wannabe visual novels, but as someone with a lot of characters and a knack for certain kinds of aesthetics, I really should look into making a comic or...
  2. BlackDragonAJ89

    Fantasy vs. Sci-Fi vs. Mundane

    While this is probably more suited to the writer's section, I felt like it really didn't belong there due to it being more for writers to actually showcase their stuff than for me to talk about what would be a good setting for a comic with my characters. However, given how "broad strokes" I am...
  3. BlackDragonAJ89

    Describe your favorite game/movie/show badly

    This would probably be more suited to a place like Facebook given the nesting comments, but in the end, it's still a fun little chat game to play. Basically, you describe your favorite media (video games, movies, tv shows, cartoons/anime, and books) and describe in a short paragraph or a few...
  4. BlackDragonAJ89

    Is it possible to outgrow/get over a fursona?

    So earlier this year, I created a thread where I discussed how I couldn't figure out what I really wanted my fursona to be. The more I think about the issue, the more I wonder not just what species I should use, or if I should even have a fursona at all. After all, I am a talentless nobody, I...
  5. BlackDragonAJ89

    (Commission) Selling: Artie's Commissions ($10-$40+)

    Obviously I can draw stuff. I figured since that I want a little extra money and to help expand beyond just my own work, I'd do commissions. I currently have 5 slots open. Once those are filled, I close up and finish the work. Once those are done, I open them back up again. It's pretty simple...
  6. BlackDragonAJ89

    Looking For RP Partners

    It's been a while since I tried to do any kind of RP on Discord, Second Life, or WoW. I wouldn't mind trying to give another shot at it, especially since I really want to do more with my fursona instead of what I was always stuck doing (playing one of my female characters for some desperate...
  7. BlackDragonAJ89

    Artie's Aclove of Art

    I figured since everyone else has a place to showcase their recent art, why not have one of my own? I kind of do a little bit of everything, although a big (for lack of better word) part of my body work is a lot of muscle and guts. Here's some work I've recently done. Let's start with some...
  8. BlackDragonAJ89

    Idenitiy Crisis

    The one thing that probably truly defines one as a furry is to have a fursona, the thing that can represent you better than anything else... And yet somehow I can't seem to make up my mind at what I want to be. Artwork Gallery for DarkHorseArtie89 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (just some on Fur...
  9. BlackDragonAJ89

    New, But Not Really New

    Well hello Fur Affinity forums, it's me, BlackDragonAJ89, or DarkHorseArtie89, or just simply "Artie". While I may be new to these forums, I'm not that new to the fandom itself. I've been doing art for years now over on Deviant Art and came back to FA about a year ago and now I'm here. I'm just...