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  1. Aegis

    Helping the world one step at a time.

    I'll keep it short so we could get on with the links. This guy feels like playing ITG in a fursuit for charity. An article about it... http://kotaku.com/#!5787529/a-dude-in-a-fursuit-dancing-for-charity Video of him playing...
  2. Aegis

    My name is Aegis. Feed me some replies.

    Redundant, but yeah, I'm Aegis. Here is where I am at with this whole fandom. Fursuiting- I believe it is strange. Artistic, yes. Done well...4% of the time. Anthro art-I stand between the lines of hating it and loving it. Colorful fluff...no. I can go on, but I don't feel like having someone...