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  1. KyrieDarcorax

    free warmup drawings

    wow your art is amazing *-* Here's my dragon for consideration [reference link] or if you'd rather draw her human form [human reference link] ^^
  2. KyrieDarcorax

    [TEMP. CLOSED] Free Chibi Icons!

    They look so cute and amazing! Could you do one of my sona, please? Ref: LINK Additional info: - that thing on her head and tail is blue fire, not hair - her sclera is black colored -her horns are curved. Something like THIS or THIS -anthro form doesn't need to have wings -my favorite color is...
  3. KyrieDarcorax

    I am taking requests...

    Whoa, your art is excellent. I'd be honored if you drew my derg ^^ Reference link Her horns look more like THIS
  4. KyrieDarcorax

    Free Headshots - 3 Slots [ > CLOSED < ]

    I'm gonna try this again with my sona because I just love your style. *-* Reference: (click the picture) That thing on her head is blue fire, the light blue spots on her head/neck glow in the dark
  5. KyrieDarcorax

    Full body freebs

    @TayMalerei oh wow, that looks amazing! Can't wait to see the finished version. ^^
  6. KyrieDarcorax

    Full body freebs

    I don't kow if my character's cute enough but I'll give it a try. sta.sh: KYRIE She has a human form too and can be drawn in any outfit you like (you can even think up a new one, I don't mind)
  7. KyrieDarcorax


    @Drayx wow, that's really amazing! *-* I love the shading, the pose, the background... well I love everything about it! Thank you so much.
  8. KyrieDarcorax


    Hello there! I'd looove some art of my sona (anthro, please) ^^ [Here is a link to her reference] She's a mischievous dragon lady, loves exploring the frozen tundra and searching for treasure, she's skilled in ice and dark magic. //She also really likes sparkly things, the northern lights and...
  9. KyrieDarcorax

    want characters for practice drawings [closed]

    Thank you so much! I love how you did the eyes. So pretty *-*
  10. KyrieDarcorax

    want characters for practice drawings [closed]

    Main reference: [link] (for markings, horns, basic info etc) Clothes reference: [link] I also have this outfit: [link] //or you can even design your own outfit for her. Your art is really good btw! ^^
  11. KyrieDarcorax

    Free Short Stories! (SFW & NSFW)

    Content: SFW Genre: sci-fi action-adventure Main Character(s): Kyrie (anthro) : (main reference) (anthro image #1) (some other images) She would wear a black cyberpunk-ish outfit (something like this with the hood down) with some glowing gloves, similar to Sombra's gloves except blue instead of...
  12. KyrieDarcorax

    Free NSFW Sketches (10 slots for February OPEN)

    I've never requested any NSFW artwork for Kyrie but since Valentine's day's coming I'm going to try this with my dragon character to surprise my boyfriend (If you choose me ofc!) ^^ References: Detailed head/horn reference: Anthro references: 1. 2. Feral reference (for better marking...
  13. KyrieDarcorax

    Realistic Requests [ CLOSED ]

    Your art is just excellent! *-* I'd love a picture of my sona Kyrie (the dragon on the left) Here is a headshot of her with more accurate horns/scales Note: the light blue spots, her fire mane, her eyes and the spaces under her big black scales all glow.
  14. KyrieDarcorax

    Um, hi :D What can I do for you?

    Um, hi :D What can I do for you?
  15. KyrieDarcorax

    Thank ye for following :3

    Thank ye for following :3
  16. KyrieDarcorax


    Maybe a sketch of Kyrie? :3 Ref: I'd like her to be anthro, please ^^
  17. KyrieDarcorax

    What languages do you speak?

    Czech, English and some German