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  1. strifeyy

    (Commission) Selling: strifey / calen's commissions [$10+]

    howdy howdy i'm calen / strifey here's my current offerings! happy to draw any body types, ferals, furries/anthros, human/oids, etc. complex designs may have an additional fee. nsfw is available for 18+ and is viewable here on toyhouse (age-restricted) or you're welcome to dm me here or on FA...
  2. strifeyy

    Hiring: closed, artists found!

    edit: artists found! thanks everyone for sharing your wonderful art! <3 hey there! i'm looking for art again lol there's so many great artists on this site that it's hard to pick! so i'm hoping getting a few messages or posts will help <3 i'm looking for a piece or two of my smilodon caligula...
  3. strifeyy

    Hiring: artist found!

    edit: thanks everyone for the offers! i met some really good artists, including a few i plan on commissioning later! as for this piece, i found an artist! hi there!! i'm strifey :0 i'm interested in finding an artist to work with me for a nsfw commission! i'd love it by valentine's day...
  4. strifeyy

    Art Trade: looking for a few art trades!

    howdy c: just thought i'd look into some art trades! of course i reserve the right to say no for whatever reason. i Might be up for nsfw, but very tentatively and i'd prefer to discuss it and decide from there if that's what you're definitely wanting you can see some of my art on my FA (linked...
  5. strifeyy

    (Commission) Selling: strifey's commissions ($10+) reopened

    howdy! i'm strifey c: i'm a full time neurobiorepository manager who does commission work on the side. i'm putting together an updated, official commission thread with all my current offerings i can work with ferals, anthros, and human/oids! any species is a go. i also offer nsfw options for...
  6. strifeyy

    new artist here !

    hey! i'm strife/y ! i just recently joined FA after hearing about it from some people on mweor. i thought i'd give it a try for the art community here c: i'm a self-taught artist and a recent biology graduate! most of the time, i'm working on medical/surgical research. otherwise i'm drawing...
  7. strifeyy

    Sketchbook: new person, new art!

    hi there!! i just joined very recently after hearing about this place from people on mweor :0 i thought i'd give it a shot and show off some of my art! some is older, some is newer i joined like 10 mins ago so apologies for like, weird formatting or wrong placement or anything ;; i'm learning...