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  1. moko

    what do you look for in a livestream?

    so, i do livestreams of my drawings sometimes and sometimes i like to watch others for a while. i saw some today that had different elements, like talking from the artist or music playing. so when you watch, or host streams, what do you look for other than the art? do you prefer chats? music...
  2. moko

    digital headshots! done by midnight! only $5! 3 slots!

    last time i tried this, the forums got DDOS'd. hopefully not this time lol. HI my name is moko and i'm open for commissions! right now i'm offering digital headshots for $5 done by midnight! see examples: post a comment with your character ref and the style you want or send me a note here...
  3. moko

    just joined the forums~

    heyyyy i'm moko. i've been around FA for a few years, but not the forum. i was hoping to get to know some more cool kids here :D i like to draw, i'm a mother, and i love animated movies. LET'S BE FRIENDS!!