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  1. CrazyDragon

    [$20] Commissions - Thecrazydragon

    Hi all! I'm opening up for impromptu commissions this weekend! I had plans but they were cancelled so I have free time on my hands. This is what i'm offering: - Sketches Only - Waist Up - $20 - Fullbody - $30 Guidelines: * Price is USD * Payment expected upon completion, any small...
  2. CrazyDragon

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Striped Skunk

    Auction is LIVE
  3. CrazyDragon

    Crazy Dragon - Art Thread

    Sharing some recent art on my end! Check out my signature to find where else I lurk on the net.
  4. CrazyDragon

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Royal Dragon

    Auction is live over here! OK, trying my hand at auctions, it's been a long while since i've done them so I hope it goes well... if you have any tips or tricks, i'm happy to hear them! I appreciate any signal boosting if you feel so inclined!! <3<3<3
  5. CrazyDragon

    (Character/Auction) Royal Dragon - Feb.16th

    I'm holding an auction tomorrow morning! I haven't done one in a really long time so hoping it goes well, I like this dude and want to see him go to a good home!
  6. CrazyDragon

    YCH Paintovers - Your thoughts?

    So an artist offers a batch of YCH slots, all of them look the same, just reskinned to look like your character. What are your thoughts on this?
  7. CrazyDragon

    Techno Dance Party

    Any recommendations on good techno music? I know there are so many different sub-genres of techno, and since I listen to a sprinkling of everything i'm just going to share my Soundcloud :P soundcloud.com: Disco
  8. CrazyDragon

    Traditional vs. Digital

    Sometimes I find traditional work is overlooked or under appreciated compared to digital art. What is your opinion? I understand why people choose to work on a computer rather than paper, its more just the finished result I'm referring to. If the same artist made the same picture but one in...
  9. CrazyDragon

    Canadian Furs!

    Hey fellow Canadians! Reaching out to say hi and connect us from the Great White North Introduce yourself, where are you from? Are you taking part in any 150 festivities? What are you doing for Canada day? Share anything else you want! --- I'm Crazy Dragon, originally from Center Wellington...
  10. CrazyDragon

    What video game are you playing...

    My main one right now is Rainbow 6: Siege (so addicted), and Rim World is a close runner up. What are you playing these days! (And share your Steam/gamertag if you're interested)
  11. CrazyDragon

    Crazy Dragon - Art Thread

    Just a few of my latest works, feel free to visit any of my other sites to see more! (See signature for links) ---
  12. CrazyDragon

    Crazy Dragon - Accepting Commissions! [$10 +]

    Hi there everyone, I wanted to let you know I am open for commissions! If you are interested, please fill out my COMMISSION FORM If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me or read over my Terms of Service --- PRICES: Prices are in USD, I am willing to draw chibi...
  13. CrazyDragon

    Shoulda been here sooner!

    Of all the time i've spent on FA, I never thought to register here at the forum! Oh deary me. Anyway, the names Crazy Dragon, though in RL my name is Laura. I'll probably just peek my nose here and there, see whats up. Anyway, yeah, time for me to look around! Feel free to visit my FA...