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  1. CrispSkittlez

    Close Call, Bro

    Somebody forgot to turn off the empty kettle at work and the entire kitchen was full of metal fumes. We all had no oxygen and were burning up on the inside. We could have all died, Jesus fuck.
  2. CrispSkittlez

    Help Me.....

    I just made a Tumblr account and received a $10 Starbucks gift certificate from my work...... I'm worthless to this planet now. Could somebody do everyone a favour and stab me. In. The. FACE. **This was not supposed to end up in the tube.**
  3. CrispSkittlez

    Sick and Fuckin' Tired

    What's it take to get perma-banned around here? I'd rather not spend the time making a bunch of offensive drama-inducing threads to get this shit done, just take me out.
  4. CrispSkittlez

    No functioning Audio Port

    No set of speakers work properly on my XP. When I log in to my user profile it plays the little tune, and then plays no audio from that point, regardless of what's plugging. Even aimless suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. CrispSkittlez

    I Have a terrible.....

    ...pain in my feet after every shift I have at work. Is there anything in particular that could be good to keep my feet in decent shape?
  6. CrispSkittlez

    How High and Tight do You Wear Your Pants?

    Fairly self-explanatory. Myself, height's not a big issue for me as long as I'm not tripping over my pantlegs, so anywhere from medium to high height'll work. I do prefer to wear tight pants, however. :3 *edit- Just so nobody gets confused by the height, go by this: high= above the hips...
  7. CrispSkittlez


    I'm having a discussion with my sister here: The back of the front of the back of your face. Would that indeed be your face?
  8. CrispSkittlez

    Final Countdown

    It began playing just as I loaded the last of the dishes into the machine, and I thought it was hilarious. I think sleep deprivation has driven me insane.
  9. CrispSkittlez

    Which fictional...

    ...furry character would you most want to have sex with?
  10. CrispSkittlez

    What's your favourite sex position?

    Do it faggot! :V
  11. CrispSkittlez

    How Many Viruses.....

    Let the games begin. :V
  12. CrispSkittlez

    My workplace.....

    ....smells like jizz. That, or I'm crazy.
  13. CrispSkittlez


    What are your opinions? Have you ever done it? Do you do it now? My winter coat came from the woman's section, but that's it. You can now all proceed to hate me.
  14. CrispSkittlez

    Favourite Word?

    Mine's "indubitably." :P
  15. CrispSkittlez

    Memory Failure

    Anyone here ever have a situation when you think of a great thread idea, but you're nowhere near a computer you'd be able to go to FAF on, and then between the time of your grand idea and the time of actually getting on a computer, you've forgotten what it was you were going to post? Happens to...
  16. CrispSkittlez


    Yesterday was hot, and I'm referring to the temperature. Walking home from school was brutal for me, so I decided to pop into a gas station on the way home and pick up a drink. So I walk out of the store carrying a Jones Red Apple soda (probably the thing that is most similar tasting to what...
  17. CrispSkittlez

    Lord of the Flies

    I despise it so much, and I have to write up approx. 50 questions with answers in the next hour or there's a high probability my English grade is dead. I'm not even sure why I dislike it so much, it just didn't sit well with me. Perhaps it was the time period, or the fact I don't believe a...
  18. CrispSkittlez

    Adrenaline Rush

    http://adrenalinerush.r8.org/ We've got a hardcore radioshowgoing on right here, check it out! :V
  19. CrispSkittlez


    I just convinced THREE people to join the forums, this is probably the worst thing I have ever done in my life. D:
  20. CrispSkittlez


    I just drank a 2L bottle of rootbeer. I feel AMAZING, I feel like sprinting down the road, I feel like jumping. Please tell me someone else has done this before. If you haven't you should. I should have an energy drink now and see what happens. :V